Classical Piano & Violin Benefit

Lisa Robertson & James Cook
Sunday, June 4 / 7 PM / $15
A Fundraiser for the Josephy Center


James Cook graduated from high school in Walla Walla and has an undergraduate degree from Whitman College.  His graduate work in piano performance was at the Juilliard School and University of Southern California.  He traveled and performed in Europe for several years, returning to teach piano and direct music programs at Willamette University, the University of Wyoming and Boise State University.  Dr. Cook has become an expert in the music of the eighteenth century, studying the repertoire and the performance practices of the music, and performing the music on the harpsichord and clavichord.  He also has a large repertoire of romantic and contemporary music.  Dr. Cook recently performed the Mozart Piano Concerto in C with the Oregon East Symphony Orchestra.

Lisa Robertson is a professor of music at Eastern Oregon University and plays violin in their orchestra. Lisa holds a doctorate of music from Florida State University. She was also the founder of the Wallowa Lake Chamber Music Festival.




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