Josephy Library Lending Shelf

Although the main library collection is not circulating, multiple copies of several books and periodicals—especially ones with Josephy’s work or of particular interest to the Nez Perce story and local history—make up a small but growing lending library.

Come by the library to check out a book today!

Current “shelf” holdings are as follows:

Find in SAGE | 500 nations : an illustrated history of North American Indians, by Josephy, Alvin M.
Find in SAGE | 5200 Thursdays in the Wallowas : a centennial history of the Wallowa County chieftain, by Coffman, Lloyd W.
Find in SAGE | A Long and wearisome journey : the Eakin family diaries, 1866, by Ewart, Shirley.
Find in SAGE | A river lost : the life and death of the Columbia, by Harden, Blaine.
Find in SAGE | A walk toward Oregon : a memoir, by Josephy, Alvin M.
Find in SAGE | About Wallowa County : people, places, images, by Belew, Ellie.
Find in SAGE | All roads are good : native voices on life and culture, by National Museum of the American Indian (U.S.)
Find in SAGE | America in 1492 : the world of the Indian peoples before the arrival of Columbus, by Josephy, Alvin M.
Find in SAGE | America’s national battlefield parks : a guide, by Stevens, Joseph E. (Joseph Edward)
Find in SAGE | Amerikanuak! : Basques in the high desert, by Boyd, Robert G.
Find in SAGE | Arizona : the land and the people, by Miller, Tom
Find in SAGE | Cattle country of Peter French , by French, Giles.
Find in SAGE | Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce, who called themselves the Nimipu–“the real people” ; a poem , by Warren, Robert Penn
Find in SAGE | Chief Joseph’s people and their war , by Josephy, Alvin M.
Find in SAGE | Chief Joseph’s people and their war , by Josephy, Alvin M.
Find in SAGE | China doctor of John Day, by Barlow, Jeffrey G.
Find in SAGE | Coyote was going there : Indian literature of the Oregon country, by Ramsey, Jarold
Find in SAGE | Footprints on the planet : a search for an environmental ethic, by Cahn, Robert
Find in SAGE | From The Wallowas , by Bartlett, Grace.
Find in SAGE | Gold and cattle country , by Oliver, Herman.
Find in SAGE | Growing up western : recollections, by Brown, Dee Alexander.
Find in SAGE | Having everything right : essays of place, by Stafford, Kim Robert.
Find in SAGE | Hells Canyon and the Middle Snake River : a story of the land and its people, by Simon-Smolinski, Carole.
Find in SAGE | House made of dawn, by Momaday, N. Scott
Find in SAGE | I remember : a memoir of homesteading days in Oregon’s Wallowa Valley, by Goebel, Kate J.
Find in SAGE | Idaho for the curious : a guide, by Conley, Cort
Find in SAGE | Kopet : a documentary narrative of Chief Joseph’s last years, by Gidley, M. (Mick)
Find in SAGE | Main Street, northeastern Oregon : the founding and development of small towns, by Bailey, Barbara Ruth
Find in SAGE | Massacred for gold : the Chinese in Hells Canyon, by Nokes, R. Gregory.
Find in SAGE | My days in northeast Oregon : a memoir of wagon trains & pack strings in the 1890s, by Brown, Henry C. (Henry Christian)
Find in SAGE | Powerful rockey : the Blue Mountains and the Oregon Trail, 1811-1883, by Evans, John W. (John William)
Find in SAGE | Red power : the American Indians’ fight for freedom, by Josephy, Alvin M.
Find in SAGE | School days in the Wallowas : a history of the ninety-one schools and communities, past and present, of Wallowa County, Oregon, by Barklow, Irene.
Find in SAGE | Son of Old Man Hat : a Navaho autobiography, by Left Handed
Find in SAGE | The American heritage book of Indians, by Brandon, William
Find in SAGE | The American heritage book of natural wonders, by Josephy, Alvin M.
Find in SAGE | The Cascades : mountains of the Pacific Northwest, by Peattie, Roderick
Find in SAGE | The Civil War in the American West, by Josephy, Alvin M.
Find in SAGE | The Indian heritage of America, by Josephy, Alvin M.
Find in SAGE | The Nez Perce Indians and the opening of the Northwest, by Josephy, Alvin M.
Find in SAGE | The Oregon Trail, by Parkman, Francis
Find in SAGE | The Santa Fe Trail : its history, legends, and lore, by Dary, David.
Find in SAGE | The ancestors : native artisans of the Americas, by Museum of the American Indian, Heye Foundation
Find in SAGE | The first Oregonians, by Berg, Laura.
Find in SAGE | The making of a ranger : forty years with the National Parks, by Garrison, Lemuel A.
Find in SAGE | The sky fisherman, by Lesley, Craig.
Find in SAGE | They saddled the West , by Rice, Lee M.
Find in SAGE | This side of Oregon, by Friedman, Ralph.
Find in SAGE | Tracking down Oregon, by Friedman, Ralph.
Find in SAGE | Voice of the Old Wolf : Lucullus Virgil McWhorter and the Nez Perce Indians, by Evans, Steven Ross
Find in SAGE | We’ll all go home in the spring : personal accounts and adventures as told by the pioneers of the West, by Bennett, Robert Allen
Find in SAGE | Women’s diaries of the westward journey , by Schlissel, Lillian.