Plateau Indian Art on Main Street

The Josephy Center for Arts and Culture, with a generous grant from the Oregon Community Foundation’s “Creative Heights” grant program, will award a Plateau Indian Artist $25,000 for a piece of 3-dimensional public art. The medium is the artist’s choice (existing work on Main Street is bronze). None of the current bronzes on Joseph’s Main Street – four of them depicting Indians – are the work of an Indian artist. Tribal artists interested in the opportunity have until January 15 to send resumes and portfolios to the Center.

Up to three artists will each receive $1,000 and six weeks to develop proposals with their own perspective on place and history in a sculpture to stand in the Josephy Center courtyard or on Joseph’s adjacent Main Street. An initial award of one-third of the $25,000 will then go to the chosen artist, with the remainder paid during the year of preparation and production. There is additional money in the project for production costs.

Artists should send a letter of interest, a resume, and photos of 5-10 pieces of art work. They can be emailed to Please provide dimensions, and, if in a public space, places and dates of installation.

Interested artists are encouraged to call the Josephy Center, 541-432-0505, and talk with Director Cheryl Coughlan or library head Rich Wandschneider.