Kendrick Moholt

306 NE 1st Street

Enterprise, Oregon  97828


Kendrick grew up chasing snakes and climbing trees in Western Oregon during the school year and spent all his summers from the age of 8 through graduate school studying and teaching at a natural history field station in Central Oregon.  It was there he saw his first dark room and started a lifelong passion for photography.  He received a BS in zoology and a MS in avian behavior.  In the following years he traveled the world teaching, doing biological field research, and capturing images of wild creatures and places with film and digital photography.  At this time Kendrick is co-owner of Bio-Resources, Inc., a biological consulting firm, and runs his photography business, Kendrick Moholt Photography.  Though he has visited some of the most amazing wild places on all seven continents of our planet, Kendrick always returns to his home and family in Northeastern Oregon to enjoy its wild open spaces and staggering beauty.


Kendrick is a man of both art and science.  Running a biological consulting business, satisfies a need for empirical thought and study of the natural world.  Photography fills the need for aesthetic expression. Kendrick’s photographic images, from wild and remote corners of the world, celebrate the beauty and diversity of our planet.  His studio work captures the magic of human made forms.  All aspects of Kendrick’s life, work or play, reflect the fact that he is a natural historian in love with our beautiful world. His family, wild places and the creatures that live in the wild are his true sources of inspiration.