NE Oregon Arts

Mission / Vision

A Gathering Place for the Arts in Wallowa County

Our Mission: The Josephy Center for Arts and Culture serves as a gathering place to celebrate, promote, and inspire arts and culture for all Wallowa County residents and visitors.

Our Vision: A community that creatively engages art, culture and history to strengthen us as individuals and deepen our connections to each other and place.

Our Values:

Connection and Collaboration: As a gathering place for people, ideas, and for dialogue, we seek to build community by connecting people to place and to each other.  We believe in a culture of abundance where our communities’ many groups and organizations can be resources to, and fertile partners with each other, both within and beyond the arts and cultural sector. We believe in affirming, supporting and advocating for our partners’ success.

Celebration and Education: We celebrate the many artistic and cultural traditions in our communities and seek to elevate, share, and support creative talent and practice as a special feature of our unique place. We believe that everyone benefits from learning about and participating in arts and cultural activities. We seek to provide diverse learning experiences and programming to broaden the palette of our diverse community.

Cultural Humility and Equitable Inclusion and Accessibility: We believe that “history” is made up of many histories and perspectives, and that we have much to learn and mend. We seek to listen to and learn from all our communities. We believe that the community is enriched and strengthened by the equitable inclusion, representation and celebration of diverse voices and talents. We seek to be a welcoming institution that provides opportunities for people of all abilities, experiences, and circumstances to participate in and be inspired by arts, culture, and heritage.

Trusted Professional Service: We strive to be trusted and highly professional cultural artistic, and educational resource to an ever-widening constituency in Wallowa County and beyond.