Featuring New York Printmaker: Lisa Mackie

The Josephy Center for Arts and Culture is honored to have its first Printing Press Artist-in-Residency this summer from July 17-August 14, 2023. Artist Lisa Mackie won the residency through the Inspiration Plus, a nonprofit organization from Sag Harbor, NY that promotes creativity through arts and sciences with focus on printmaking.  The award was given in 2020 at the height of COVID-19, now three-years later, the Josephy Center can host the residency.

Lisa is a master printmaker from New York City and has been a working artist for over 45 years. This is her first trip to Eastern Oregon.

You can visit her work at

Rondo Exhibit

In her exhibition “Rondo”, a term in reference to a musical form that contains a principal theme which alternates with one or more contrasting themes, Mackie explores the process of visual memory, evolving imagery, and continuous motion through her journey in India in 1999. Her prints, paintings, and installations become narrative devices used to transcend time and space and immerse viewers into her own reminiscences of her time in an enchanting new place. Through an elephant ride, on a boat behind the Taj Mahal, a hike through the Ganges the viewer is invited along a sensorial voyage.

Lisa is a Master Printer with 40 years experience in lithography, intagilo etching, silkscreen, monotyupe/print, multiplate color printmaking, photo/print processes including Solar Plates, photo litho, Pronto Plate and printing from a Xerox Copy, also Western and Asian paper-making. She has a BFA and MFA in painting and printmaking from the University of Michigan and University of Wisconsin. Her studio clients include artists such as Marylyn Dintenfass, Amy Ernst, Grace Hartigan, Katherine Kadish, Wolf Kahn, Sol Lewitt, Emily Mason and Marianne Weil. Lisa’s New York City print Studio is sunny and fully equipped with a 36×60 Charles Brand Etching Press, Asian Papermaking facilities, and plate and stone lithography.

Residency Events

  • Lisa’s residency includes an Art Talk on Wed., July 26 at noon
  • An Exhibition “Rondo” with an Opening Reception on Thursday, July 27 at 5:30 p.m. Rondo runs from July 27-August 11. The Josephy Center is open for viewing, Monday-Saturday 10am-4pm. Art will be for sale.
  • Lisa will teach a two-day Monoprint Workshop on Saturday, July 29 and Sunday July 30 from 10-4pm. REGISTER HERE