Bronzes on Main Street

The Arts Council, in conjunction with Josephy City Council, has designated the WVAC Design Committee to be in charge of the approval of artists who wish to have their art displayed in temporary locations throughout Main St, Joseph. Currently, there are 4 temporary locations that have an auto-renewing 6-month lease. The rest of the bronzes on Main St. are permanent statues owned by the city, with the exception of the native sculpture, “etweyé·wise – The Return“, by Doug Hyde, which is owned by Josephy. Click here for more information about our public bronze sculptures, which began in 1996.

Rotating Art Sculptures of Joseph

Preamble:  We recognize that the visitors to our town have a variety of artistic appetites. The hundreds of artists, who cast at one of Wallowa County’s foundries or show their work in Wallowa County, have a wide range of styles and mediums. Keeping these statements in mind we wish to have a wide range of styles on display.

Artwork on public display must at least meet the following:

  1. The art must be cast at a foundry in Wallowa County or shown at a gallery in the County.
  2. Must be approved by the Wallowa Valley Arts Council (WVAC) Design Committee. The Design Committee will have the ultimate decision on where and what bronzes will be placed.
  3. No nudes or sexually controversial art may be displayed.
  4. Must not be a blatant marketing effort, e.g., no “for sale ” signs, prices, etc. A small 4″x5″maximum size metal plaque (similar to the nameplates on bronzes) may say, “for more information please call …”
  5. Art must be anchored, or properly secured. All rotating art is to be installed/removed by the displayer at his/her expense.
  6. Art must be of an appropriate size for the space, e.g., nothing into sidewalk or obstruct curbs, or be too small, etc.
  7. Art must be displayed for a minimum number of 3 months after being placed. Design Committee must be notified in writing 7 days prior to removal of the art. This committee will review due to limited availability of space all contracts for displays every 6 months.
  8. Art display is to be maintained and insured for value and liability by the person displaying the art. The City of Joseph and WVAC are not liable for value of the bronze or personal injury due to this display. Please attach proof of insurance.
  9. If someone wishes to donate a sculpture for permanent display this will be reviewed with each occurrence.
  10. The Design Committee can modify these rules at any time without notice.
  11. No secondary art will be accepted.
  12. Artist/representative acknowledges that this is public art-photos will be taken.

Open Application Process

Artists may apply for an opening on Main St. by filling out the below questions electronically, and mailing them to Keep in mind, this is not a paid opportunity, and installation will come at the expense of the artist. The Design Committee is open to ideas to help with funding in the process.

Artist Name:


Name of Displayer:







Title of Piece:

Description of Piece:


Artist History:

Why do you feel this piece is a good fit on Main St Joseph?

What is your relationship to Wallowa County?

Please email high quality pictures of your sculpture / design:

Insured by:

Other Comments: