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Update: The patron scholarship is closed for the 2019 year. Please stay tuned in Fall, 2020 for the opening of the next application season!

About: The Wallowa Valley Arts Council is one of the oldest continually operating nonprofits in Eastern Oregon, founded in 1983. We have served as a fiscal sponsor and seed organization for local organizations like Fishtrap, the Josephy Center for Arts & Culture, Brass at Wallowa Lake, & The Ruby Peak Film Festival, to name a few. This fall, the council is taking an exciting and bold new direction by combining and merging under the non-profit umbrella of the Josephy Center, so we can better leverage our resources and strengths to serve our community for many more years to come. We want to continue to foster the arts in Wallowa County and, after much reflection, feel this will be best accomplished in direct & transparent collaboration with the other wonderful arts establishment in the County.  The Arts Council will continue to serve all of our programs within this new relationship, while also serving as a consultant and fiduciary for any budding art cultures that arise.

As a celebration of this partnership, we’re offering this scholarship opportunity for local artists so they can take their art to new heights and gain awareness in our community as an emerging thinker in our local, art world.

Mediums: All art mediums are eligible.  Preference will be given to non-visual artists (dance / writing / music / film) or artists in non-traditional visual mediums who want to enhance their ability to make engaging art in Wallowa County. We still encourage traditional visual artists to apply, as well. 

What: A scholarship for 2 local artists ($600 each) to further their work and deepen their creative practice in Wallowa County. This award may be used at the discretion of the recipient for any expenses that will help them create (e.g.. supplies / travel / studio space / software, etc.).

Who: This fund is intended for artists emerging in their field, or those who want to start taking their artistic medium more seriously. Specifically, this scholarship targets local artists who have yet to create a strong following for their work, or who would like to start making a career out of their creative practice. Applicants must be residents of Wallowa County. There is no age restriction.

When: This application is open from now until Friday, November 1 at 5:00 PM. Final decisions about the award recipients will be made on November 15.

How: Apply online below, or print out a paper application and send it to:

Wallowa Valley Arts Council
PO Box 526 Joseph, OR 97846

For any additional questions, or any issues with the online application, please contact WVAC President Seth Kinzie at

Sponsor: Oregon Community Foundation, with digital support from the Josephy Center.


Online Application
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By singing this form, I agree to be considered for recognition as a 2019 award recipient by the Wallowa Valley Arts Council. I agree to abide by the decision given by the board of directors of the Wallowa Valley Arts Council with support from the Josephy Center. If accepted, I agree to use the funds in the manner laid out in the description above.