Black and White

The Josephy Center is honored to present a new exhibition, “Black and White” opening Saturday, February 7 at 7 p.m. The show presents more than 20 artists and photographers from around the Northwest.


The works on display comprise of a diverse array of drawings, paintings, sculptures, prints and photography that evoke a distinct vocabulary of mass, line, texture and form through an innovative handling of black and white as its main attribute.


What is the allure of artwork and photography that uses only black and white?  Curator Kendrick Moholt comments “Tone is a powerful visual language that emphasizes form.  It can evoke a unique emotion.  Color is powerful but at times it can be distracting from the subject.  When you remove color; the subject, the composition and the vocabulary totally change and boldly  invites a view of the subject’s essence whether it’s a two or three dimensional art.”


Among artists showing, there are 10 photographers; one of which is from Portland, MC Reardon who is a visual artist and a poet, as well as a high school student from La Grande, Alicia Wight.  We have several pencil and charcoal artists such as Kirk Skovlin, Sam Collett, and more.  Also, lithograph artists such as Keith Kirts, ceramicists, Jennifer Hawkins-Connolly and pen and ink illustrations by Kate Wheeler and Maggie Lynn Holcomb, painters Jennifer Klimzsa and Leslie LeViner, and more. Refreshments and no host bar. Suggested donation $8.