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Who’s Your Buddy?

A Gathering Place for the Arts in Wallowa County

Call to Artists

Exhibit:  Who’s Your Buddy


Exhibit opens January 8 – February 22, 2021


Submissions due to Megan Wolfe,, by December 1, 2020.  Up to three works of any medium.  Submission images must be at least 300 dpi.  Please include size, medium and title of each piece.

Artists will be notified of acceptance on December 7.

Accepted works are due to Josephy Center by January 4.  Drop off anytime during business hours.  If mailing, please include pre-paid return label.

This special animal is your companion.  You spend time together.  Your not the same species but there it is, the connection.  It’s the warmth of a touch that’s relaxing to you both, or years of practice together that results in the exciting tension of working as a perfect team to cross the finish line.  You share an evening walk each day or work in harmony to round up cattle on the open range.  He’s the gelding you’re leading around the arena graciously carrying the disabled child, whose shouts of joy and laughter were never before witnessed by her watching family.  There’s that special puppy or kitten in the litter of wiggly siblings that settles quietly in your arms, helping you find the one you will share your life with.

Is there an animal in your life who’s your companion?  Have you ever felt a special human/animal bond?  If so, the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture would like to invite you to celebrate with a creation of art to share in our gallery.

For questions email Megan Wolfe, address above.


*Photo by Cindy Sloan, “By His Side”