NE Oregon Arts

Teaching Artist Terms of Service

A Gathering Place for the Arts in Wallowa County

Percentage of class fees:  60%  to Instructor


Date of payment: 3rd of each month



  1. Photography Release – The Josephy Center may want to use a photo of the teacher or participants’ artwork for publication and/or advertisement of classes or workshops. The undersigned warrants that the Center has the right to use such photos for publicity purposes. The undersigned further grants the Josephy Center permission to use his or her name and biographical description in any media releases promoting his or her classes or workshops.

(If accepted, teaching artist will be allowed to give or revoke this permission on their Letter of Agreement)

  1. Liability – The undersigned understands that the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture is not responsible for artwork, supplies, injury or tools used while on the premises unless a written exception has been made.
  2. Payment and Collection of Tuition for Series of Classes and Workshops – The Center will collect and handle the tuition/fees for early registration prior to the beginning of the term of instruction. Payments shall also be allowed at the first class or workshop, unless other arrangements have been made. The executive director shall work with each instructor to determine wages for instructor and use of the center, the classes or workshops shall not be offered. Artists will be paid within 30 days from the 1st day of instruction.
  3. Cancellation – Given the expenses and time involved in making classes available to our communities, Teaching Artists who fail to be present or cancel a class at any time are subject to a $75.00 administrative fee. (Serious medical or family emergencies are exempt from the fee.)  Rescheduling class to avoid the cancellation fee will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  If the required minimum number of students per class (3 students) is not met 48 hours before class; JCAC may cancel the class due to low enrollment, and the Teaching Artist will not be assessed the cancellation fee.  It is the responsibility of the Teaching Artist to contact JCAC 48 hours in advance to confirm that the minimum student limit has been met.  In the event that the instructor must cancel a session, it is the instructor’s responsibility to notify all registered participants, the executive director or managing staff.
  4. Publication and Promotion – Publicity efforts will be made by the Josephy Center in collaboration with instructors and shall include voice, print and electronic media. Posters, social media posts and advertisements may be developed by the Joseph Center. The name logo and website or address of the Josephy Center shall be include in all publicity for classes and workshops offered at the Center.
  5. Other – Any issues that arise and are not covered under these terms shall be negotiated to mutual satisfaction by the instructor and Josephy Center’s executive director.