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Copyright Law for Artists with Attorney Bert Krages

Join us Thursday, May 23 at 7 p.m., event is free but donations are welcome.

The Josephy Center is honored to welcome Bert Krages II, Attorney at Law to speak about copyright and intellectual property law. Writers, musicians, photographers and artists could learn more ways to protect their art. What rights do you have when your work is out there and what does copyright really mean? Bert came to us through artist MC Reardon who was faced with this very issue.

Last year, visual artist MC Reardon discovered that an art print company was selling her images on their website without her consent. 

Although she had been so sure that she understood copyright law and infringement, she suddenly realized how little she really did know. 

When she contacted them to cease and desist, they ignored her communications, so she had to scramble to find a lawyer.

Through a fellow artist’s referral, she found Bert Krages II, who specializes in Intellectual Property and Copyright Law. 

Bert helped her understand what she needed to do to protect herself and her creative work, no matter what medium, and was pleased with her final settlement.

Throughout the stressful process of resolving this infringement, Reardon kept thinking to herself how other artists might benefit from this kind of legal advice but can’t afford the attorney fees.  She decided to co-sponsor this event, to pass it on, and to show her support for the local arts community.

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This event is sponsored in part by MC Reardon, Dobbin House B&B, and Bert Krages…

photo: MC Reardon