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A Gathering Place for the Arts in Wallowa County

Cirque de Arment :: The Wild Landscape 
Historic Photos of the Wallowa Country :: Dream Oregon
Edsel White Postcards :: Three Creative Journeys


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“Cirque De Arment” documents Steve Arments most recent exhibit, “Cirque De Arment”, in the form of a wild book! The 50 page work features poetry by Cathy Sterbentz and photographs from the grand opening itself. $12.

“The Wild Landscape” educates the general public on the wonders of the Zumwalt Prairie, and also focuses on exhibiting it’s beauty through the eyes of over twenty artists from the Pacific North West. Interpretations of the Zumwalt Prairie are done in various mediums, ranging from oil painting, poetry, film, photography, and much more. To produce this exhibit (2018), the artists and writers gathered on June 16 to begin the week-long creative project to capture the landscapes, flowers, animals, and essence of The Zumwalt. Their work depicts the wild nature of The Zumwalt Prairie Preserve, and also considers the question of what “wild” means in landscape that has been influenced, harvested, and managed by humans for millennia. The exhibit catalogue includes all paintings and photographs in the exhibit, as well as the full text of poems, essays, and stories; and introductions by The Nature Conservancy’s Jeff Fields, and exhibit curator Ellen Morris Bishop. $15.

This exhibit catalogue celebrates another run of The Wild Landscape – our annual exhibit showcasing art from our natural world. This exhibit (2019) features The Lostine Wilderness, with poetry, sculpture, oil painting, acrylic, watercolor, and poetry all showcased in a 50 page book, with an introduction by Jenner Hanni. $20.

This 50-page photography booklet for “Historic Photos of the Wallowa Country: Before WWII” exhibit was curated by David Weaver & Rich Wandschneider. It features photos from 1890 to 1940 of life in the Wallowa Valley. $20.

“Dream Oregon” started with artist and curator Anna Vogel’s vision of a homegrown Oregon mythology, created through art. She invited several artists to join her with their own take on the theme: Jennifer Klimsza, Talia Jean Gavin, Kelly Riggle, Kolle Riggs, and Carrie Chupp. Through photography, painting, sculpture and illustration, they bring us on a tour of Oregon from the tiniest pebble to the tallest mountain. $12.



This book showcases 20 glorious post cards that were used by local Wallowa County residents to community with each other. Includes front and back images, and are all from 1907-1915. These photographs are provided by the Edsel White collection. $15.


This little catalogue highlights the career work of three genius locals – Mary Edwards (photography), Leslie LeViner (oil), and Mike Koloski (oil and acrylic) who have all been making art in the Wallowa for a number of decades. Get it while it’s hot! $18.


This year’s theme is expanding views of Eastern Oregon – from the canyon views to the mountain tops and wide prairies. The exhibit and theme continue our celebration of wild landscapes. Our visual definition of wild is landscape relatively unaltered by human development. Our goal is the continued appreciation of the diverse landscapes and unique places of Eastern Oregon. Nineteen artists are participating, and over forty-three paintings, photographs and mixed media images  will be on display. $18.