NE Oregon Arts

Dream Oregon

A Gathering Place for the Arts in Wallowa County

Slide Carrie Chupp Kelly Riggle Anna Vogel Kolle Riggs Jennifer Klimsza Talia Jean Galvin Chupp & Vogel
to music of Kinzie Steele

Dream Oregon started with artist and curator Anna Vogel’s vision of a homegrown Oregon mythology, created through art. She invited several artists to join her with their own take on the theme: Jennifer Klimsza, Talia Jean Gavin, Kelly Riggle, Kolle Riggs, and Carrie Chupp. Through photography, painting, sculpture and illustration, they bring us on a tour of Oregon from the tiniest pebble to the tallest mountain.

A “Dream Oregon” book, featuring photos of artwork and artist’s biographies, will be for sale at the opening and throughout the duration of the exhibit. You can buy it online here.