NE Oregon Arts

Women on the Edge

A Gathering Place for the Arts in Wallowa County

Making Friends Carol McLaughlin
Periwinkle Bowl #1 Mary Chlopek
Free Fall Val Nesemann
Black Bee Carrie Chupp
Mark Makers Olivia Starks
It's a Stage Nancy Clarke
Driving Into The Storm René Fleming
Another Bed Aimee Jungmann
Bald Hornet Nest 2 Leslie LeViner
Untitled Laura Burton
Her Formation Kodi McCleary
Kickin gUp Her Heals Monica Eng
Done Fishing Maja Shaw
Fall Harvest Maja Shaw
Gathering Susan Burke
What Do You Want Nancy Clarke
Imagine the Dance Nancy Clarke
Suffragette Cheryl Coughlan
Rock Portrait #9 Kolle Kahle Riggs
Sasquatch Whistle Kolle Kahle Riggs
Looking at Heart of the Monster Dawna Vankomen
Girls Bole Ride to the Edge René Fleming
Register Kristy Athens
Evolution Judy Moffit
Sandstone Concretion Ellen Bishop
Zumwalt Night Sky, August Ellen Bishop
Hells Canyon from Hat Point Leslie Ann Hauer
Conjoined Personalities (Self-Portrait) Mary Edwards
Whimsical Daisies Adele Buttolph
The Glassmaker Adele Buttolph
This is not death, it is something safer. The wingy myths won't tug at us anymore: Meredith Matthews
Discontinuous Function Tamara Stephas
Fragility Jennifer Klimsza
Bere Olivia Sparks
Pin & Earrings in B&W Debbie Carson


The Josephy Center is excited to bring back our annual Women’s Art exhibit opening Saturday, March 2 at 7pm. This year will be our fifth! Everyone is welcome to help us celebrate these amazing women artists and Women’s History Month. The exhibit is set to run until April 18 so there will be ample time to stop by before it’s over.

This year is a special year to celebrate women – it marks the 100th year that women were legally authorized the right to vote in 1919. Artist Dawn Norman is our curator this year. “This was my first time curating an open call exhibition for the Josephy Center. I was happy to see so many great entries from our Wallowa Valley women!”