Esther Petrocine

CLASS: Friday 11 AM

Class Title: Yin Yang Yin Yoga
A practice to find stillness, move with breath, and rest in contentment.

Yoga Tickets: $10 Individual | $30 Yoga Fest Pass
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My name is Esther Petrocine. I am a movement educator, a cultured food and beverage enthusiast, a mother, and a small ruminant rancher/farmer, who is fiercely committed to supporting the flow of life.

My approach to yoga asana classes weaves together a love of movement, a trust in the body’s innate ability to heal, a curiosity of how the Self is expressed through embodiment, and a desire to integrate the whole person through time spent both on and off the mat. My yoga practice is influenced by my everyday life and the expansion/contraction of directing attention; connecting to breath as the guide. I find great joy in attending to the abundance of life, allowing the movement practice to help unveil each individual’s process and aliveness. My hope is to facilitate dedicated time in the practice to build skills in self knowing.