Kinzie Steele


Kinzie Steele is a contemporary-impressionist collective crafting instrumental compositions of beauty & space. They feature acoustic piano, double drums, gongs, and guitar. Their debut album, released as a piano and drums duo, “When I Was a Tree” from 2018, was engineered by Bart Budwig and produced by Ben Kirby (Sun Blood Stories) at a remote Oregon farmhouse. It features 6 explosive, refined instrumentations, redefining post-rock and post-jazz within a classical piano setting. The album was re-released on tape in 2021 on Shum Derevyev Records in Russia. Kinzie Steele are from Eastern Oregon & Washington, and they rehearse in the Wallowa Mountain town of Joseph, Oregon. They are part of the PNW Tall Order Booking Collaborative.

Now a quartet, Seth and Andy have been joined by Andy Galucki (Wooden Indian Burial Ground) on drums and Ben Walden (Taco Tapes) on electric guitar. They debuted their double drums collective with a live video at Wallowa Lake Lodge covering modern Polish pianist Hania Rani, rearranged for two percussionists.

“Atmospheric journeys through the lens of modern jazz…A frank success.” –Dæv Tremblay | Québec |
“Utmost Virtuosity with a grand piano and a drum kit.” –Shum Derevyev Records | Russia

Joseph, Oregon




Seth Kinzie (Joseph) and Andy Steele (Walla Walla) orchestrate double drums, guitar and piano alongside Dan Galucki and Ben Walden