Function of Medium: New Works by Auburn Isaak and Kevin Boylan

Function of Medium:

New Works by Auburn Isaak and Kevin Boylan


Exhibit opening Friday, October 4 at 7 p.m. and will run until November 16.

About the Exhibit
Working in different mediums, using techniques specific to their own style; Kevin and Auburn have created a unique collection that displays their most recent expirations of materials while referencing the environments that surround them.

function [fuhngk-shuh n] noun
the purpose for which something is designed or exists; role

medium [mee-dee-uhm] noun
instrument by which something is conveyed or accomplished


Accompanying this exhibit: Live glass blowing demo on Saturday, October 5 from 12-4 p.m. at Moonshine Glass Art located at 624 S. River Street, Enterprise.


About Artist Kevin Boylan:  “Through the years, my work has evolved from my beginnings as a potter to my current stage as a mixed media sculptor and glassblower.  Exploring new mediums, learning new techniques, and examining my  most immediate surrounds; my process almost always results with a non-objective, abstract form.  

The common thread is that my work is a personal journal.  While my hands are creating an object that I’ve overthrough without sketching; my mind is contemplating ideas, relationships, past experiences, or daily occurrences in my life.

Because I use internal reflection of sorts to create my work, I consider it to be self-portrait work, and my latest body of work has become more figurative.”

About Artist Auburn Isaak: “I draw my color palette from nature in its most elusive form; notes defined realism in its physical form, but as I interpret an depict it in my mind. This allows me to use abstract as a function to create the landscape that surrounds me. I choose to incorporate my movement, discoveries, and intuition during my painting process. The paint becomes the medium that inter-operates the human experience and a record of that occurrence.”

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