Imnaha: Points of Interest


From Joseph, take the IMNAHA Highway 350, East for 30 miles to Imnaha. The road is well paved but windy. Once in Imnaha there’s lots of roads that can lead you to very scenic areas and may require a vehicle that has 4-wheel or all wheel drive for dirt and rocky roads. Also, be forewarned that rattlesnakes, ticks and poison oak are present so be on the lookout. We recommend wearing boots, dressing in layers and have a full tank of gas.

Points of Interest

Imnaha canyon

Hat Point – is another 16 mile drive up a steep hill to the Hells Canyon lookout.

Lower Imnaha Road

Cow Creek Trailhead – Hike this rustic trail to the confluence of the Imnaha and Snake River. Miles: 7 each way. 

Drive north on dirt road NF 4260 to Cow Creek Trailhead and beyond to Dug Bar (4×4 vehicles only). 

Upper Imnaha Road

Drive south alongside the Imnaha River and view the Eastern side of the Wallowa Mountains. The road will take you to multiple campgrounds that have great landscapes to see: Indian Crossing, Ollokot, Blackhorse, Lick Creek, Dove Creek and more. 

Hike to Blue Hole – at the Indian Crossing campground there’s a trailhead that will take you to blue hole – a deep water hole off the Imnaha River. The trail is about 2 miles.