NE Oregon Arts

Josephy Center Covid-19 Response

A Gathering Place for the Arts in Wallowa County


 Dear friends,

Please double check that event is still taking place – many events are still going on but several have been cancelled.

The Josephy Center will continue to provide classes and host events, but in order to keep people healthy and safe we are recommending the following:

  1. Please do not come in to the Josephy Center if you or your child is not feeling well! We want to keep everyone safe, so we hope you can respect this request. If you have gotten over a recent illness and still have a cough or runny nose, we would encourage you to stay home. If you have underlying health issues, take extra precautions here and elsewhere. We want everyone to remain healthy and safe.
  2. All students, instructors and staff are asked to wash their hands when entering the building. There are 5 sinks in the building and we recommend washing your hands with a 20-second wash with soap and water. We also have hand-sanitizing stations set up throughout the building. Please use the tissues, hand-wipes and sanitizer between hand washings.
  3. Please sanitize all tools used in the classrooms before returning them to their home places.
  4. Please respect people’s space. We are encouraging people not to hug or shake hands. It’s not out of disrespect, just prevention. We will also set up chairs and tables with more distance.
  5. Again, please stay home if you are not feeling well!
  6. We remain open from 12-4 Monday-Saturday. Contact us if you have any questions.
  7. We will keep you up to date with any class, event, concert, theater performance cancellations or changes via our newsletter, facebook and email.

Thank you and we wish you the best in this difficult time. We care about you and hope to see you soon!


Josephy Center Staff and Board