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Nancy Knoble

Nancy Knoble

Joseph, OR


Nancy Knoble is a resident of Wallowa County and owns a ranch property east of joseph. She serves as Interim Chair and Treasurer of the Board of Directors of the JOSEPHY CENTER FOR ARTS AND CULTURE (Josephy Center). In addition, she serves as Secretary/Treasurer for Silver Lake Ditch Co. (Wallowa County, OR), Past Chair of the Board for Expedition Inspiration Fund for Breast Cancer Research (Boise, ID), and Secretary of the Board for Thurman Courtyard Condominium Homeowners Association (Portland, OR).

1491385_10201858556243657_1772627840_o (1)Her professional career included 25 years of executive and management experience with GE, Pacific Telesis and two high technology companies spanning a number of business sectors. Her responsibilities included human resources, corporate communications, real estate/facilities and marketing leadership. In the non-profit sector, Nancy oversaw the startup of Central Oregon Partnership, a significant non-profit addressing issues of poverty in three counties of center Oregon.

Nancy values community and service. Her public/non-profit involvement includes preservation of open space in a community outside of San Francisco, breast cancer awareness and fundraising, land use & planning and public health. She may be best known for being one of three breast cancer survivors to reach the summit of Argentina’s Mt. Aconcagua (23,000’) as part of a breast cancer fundraising project aptly named Expedition Inspiration.

Since living in Wallowa County, she has consulted for Wallowa Resources (2007) and co-owned The Sheep Shed (2009 – 2012) while restoring her farm property and raising dairy goats and chickens. She loves the outdoors activities, reading, knitting and cooking.

Nancy was raised in the Great Lakes region and is a graduate of Syracuse University.

Cheryl North Coughlan

Cheryl North Coughlan

Executive Director


heryl and her family moved to Wallowa County in 2001 and live in Joseph.  She was raised in St. Louis around Art and Photography books, the St. Louis Art Museum, photography and paintings.  She received a B.A. from Bard College (Annandale-on-Hudson, New York) in 1991 with a major in Art History.

10334305_10153095488302244_1961954557700724019_nAfter graduating she moved to Brooklyn where she worked at a public relations firm, Michael Shepley Public Relations which promoted PBS documentaries and series such as “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” as well as “Mystery” and “Masterpiece Theatre”.  Her interests grew more towards photography and began working at Photonica, a world-wide photo stock agency as a salesperson.  While there she began taking photography classes at School of Visual Arts in New York.  After Photonica, she worked for several photographers organizing their collections. After ten years in New York, the Coughlan’s made their way to Joseph with a newborn, Ella.

Cheryl and Brian have two children, Ella and Henry and both attend Joseph Charter School.

Cheryl says “I have been looking forward to the day that we can all come together and be welcome to a Center where people can learn, be creative and give to the community all at the same time.   It’s really a dream come true.”

Kendrick Moholt

Kendrick Moholt

306 NE 1st Street

Enterprise, Oregon  97828


Kendrick grew up chasing snakes and climbing trees in Western Oregon during the school year and spent all his summers from the age of 8 through graduate school studying and teaching at a natural history field station in Central Oregon.  It was there he saw his first dark room and started a lifelong passion for photography.  He received a BS in zoology and a MS in avian behavior.  In the following years he traveled the world teaching, doing biological field research, and capturing images of wild creatures and places with film and digital photography.  At this time Kendrick is co-owner of Bio-Resources, Inc., a biological consulting firm, and runs his photography business, Kendrick Moholt Photography.  Though he has visited some of the most amazing wild places on all seven continents of our planet, Kendrick always returns to his home and family in Northeastern Oregon to enjoy its wild open spaces and staggering beauty.


Kendrick is a man of both art and science.  Running a biological consulting business, satisfies a need for empirical thought and study of the natural world.  Photography fills the need for aesthetic expression. Kendrick’s photographic images, from wild and remote corners of the world, celebrate the beauty and diversity of our planet.  His studio work captures the magic of human made forms.  All aspects of Kendrick’s life, work or play, reflect the fact that he is a natural historian in love with our beautiful world. His family, wild places and the creatures that live in the wild are his true sources of inspiration.


Tim Norman

Tim Norman

64685 Mawhin Rd.

Enterprise OR. 97828


Phone: 541-263-1409 (day and evening)


orn and raised in Wallowa county Oregon, Tim grew up on a farm along the Lostine River where he learned at an early age that he liked to draw, photograph and carve wild life and the natural environment around him. Tim’s first formal training began at Enterprise High School where he explored, drawing, painting, sculpting and the potter’s wheel, knowing after graduating high school he wanted to pursue a career in art or music.

After high school he continued his education by attending Spokane Falls Community College and Eastern Oregon State College, also working misc. jobs from ranch work to construction.

In 1983, Tim was hired at a local foundry where he worked and became intimate in all areas of the bronze casting process including patina. Learning the business from and entry level position to production manager enabled him to become familiar with the business end of bronze casting as well.

In 1996 Tim and Nickie (his wife and business partner) decided to take a leap of faith and began what is now known as Norman Arts, just outside of Enterprise Oregon. This has given them a chance to offer exceptional quality bronze castings and patinas, for their clients as well as allowing Tim to further explore his love of creating his own drawings, paintings and sculpture from concept to completion.

Tim and Nickie have raised two wonderful children Maggie and Brady who have been a big part of the growing of Norman Arts.

They look back with gratitude and respect, for the people and events that have touched their lives, and look forward to what the future might bring.


Tim;s art is currently on display at:  Kelly’s Gallery on Main in Joseph Or.,  Donterra Gallery in Sisters Or., Gallery 1870 in Yountville California


Volunteer work:

Cub scout leader 3or 4 years late 1990s

T-ball, Boys little league coach 5 years

Girls soft ball coach 10 years

board member for little league baseball approx 8 years late 1990s

Foundry representative on Arts council  in the late 1980s

as a family we helped with the Elks food drive 1990s

Enterprise Education Foundation mid 1990s to mid 2000s

Amy Hafer Race for Awareness since inception.

Juniper Jam Art Show coordinator 2010, 2011

Marky Pitts

Joseph, Oregon

760 519-4981


Marky Pitts is a full-time resident of Joseph since 2008. She was drawn to Wallowa County by its arts community and the warmth of its residents. She currently serves as Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture.

Marky currently serves as a consultant in the field of research ethics, specifically animal research oversight committees.  She also is a co-founder and officer of the non profit IACUC 101 Series which provides training programs for new members of research ethics committees.  She conducts site visits of academic institutions and  biotech companies on behalf of  the National Institutes of Health, and AAALAC, International (Association for the Accreditation and Assessment of Laboratory Animal Care).  Previously she served as Director of the Animal Subjects Program at the University of California, San Diego for 20 years and prior to that 10 years as Senior Administrator to the Dean, College of Nursing, Syracuse University.

Marky values community service activities wherever she resides.  She currently serves as a member of the San Diego Zoo Global’s animal care and use committee. Marky recently retired from 15 years of service on the Board of Directors of the Boston based non-profit, Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research (PRIM&R).

Previous service includes co founder of the San Diego Science Alliance; Member of the Food and Nutrition Advisory Board, 4-H County Clothing and Recognition Committees for Onondaga County, Syracuse, NY.

Marky attended Aurora University, Aurora , Ill.  She has taken continuing education courses at Syracuse University, University of California San Diego, and the American Management Association.

Marky was born in Vermont and grew up on a small dairy farm in New England. She enjoys spending time with her three grown daughters and their spouses and three beautiful granddaughters. Some of Marky’s favorite activities are photography, swimming in Wallowa Lake with the “Pod”, reading, and hiking/walking.



Nancy Knoble

Nancy Knoble

Joseph, OR


Nancy Knoble is a resident of Wallowa County and owns a ranch property east of joseph. She serves as Interim Chair and Treasurer of the Board of Directors of the JOSEPHY CENTER FOR ARTS AND CULTURE (Josephy Center). In addition, she serves as Secretary/Treasurer for Silver Lake Ditch Co. (Wallowa County, OR), Past Chair of the Board for Expedition Inspiration Fund for Breast Cancer Research (Boise, ID), and Secretary of the Board for Thurman Courtyard Condominium Homeowners Association (Portland, OR).

1491385_10201858556243657_1772627840_o (1)Her professional career included 25 years of executive and management experience with GE, Pacific Telesis and two high technology companies spanning a number of business sectors. Her responsibilities included human resources, corporate communications, real estate/facilities and marketing leadership. In the non-profit sector, Nancy oversaw the startup of Central Oregon Partnership, a significant non-profit addressing issues of poverty in three counties of center Oregon.

Nancy values community and service. Her public/non-profit involvement includes preservation of open space in a community outside of San Francisco, breast cancer awareness and fundraising, land use & planning and public health. She may be best known for being one of three breast cancer survivors to reach the summit of Argentina’s Mt. Aconcagua (23,000’) as part of a breast cancer fundraising project aptly named Expedition Inspiration.

Since living in Wallowa County, she has consulted for Wallowa Resources (2007) and co-owned The Sheep Shed (2009 – 2012) while restoring her farm property and raising dairy goats and chickens. She loves the outdoors activities, reading, knitting and cooking.

Nancy was raised in the Great Lakes region and is a graduate of Syracuse University.

Sharon Nall

Sharon Nall

haron, her husband Larry, and their two sons moved to Wallowa County in 1990.  Since their forest management business worked throughout the Northwest, they opted to live in the finest community they had found in their travels.  Sharon jumped into community work from the get-go, volunteering at the grade school, the public library, and coaching junior soccer.

Growing up in Dallas, Sharon attended North Texas State and the University of Dallas for two years before the lure of the West became irresistible.  She moved to Colorado, where she worked as a wildlife research technician for a few years, then continued moving west to Bend, where she worked as a wildland firefighter for a couple of seasons.  She worked for a few years as a forest technician in the family business until it was time to raise a family.

SharonSharon is the secretary/treasurer of the Pinetree Ditch Association, and has taught yoga for almost twenty years.  She became an EMT-Intermediate, serving on the hospital ambulance, and was the secretary of the EMT Association board.  She delivered Meals on Wheels for a couple of years, and served as a children’s advocate in the CASA program for two years.  Sharon served on the boards of the Wallowa County Commission on Children and Families and the Blue Mountain Community College, Wallowa County program.  She read to children as a volunteer in the SMART reading program, as well as volunteering in the classroom for several years at Joseph Elementary School.

Sharon is out and about in Wallowa County, backcountry skiing in the snow season, horse packing and hiking in the summertime.  Or, in the summer, you might find her on one of the Northwest’s premier rivers in her inflatable kayak.


Rich Wandschneider

Rich Wandschneider

Library Director

After a five-year stint in the Peace Corps, Rich Wandschneider came to Wallowa Country in 1971, as a community development agent with the OSU Extension Service. In 1976, he opened the Bookloft bookstore in Enterprise and in 1988, with help from historian Alvin Josephy and Kim Stafford at Lewis & Clark College, he founded Fishtrap Inc. to promote “clear thinking and good writing in and about the West,” and served as its executive director until 2008.

He has written for the Oregonian, High Country News, Portland Magazine, and High Desert Journal and contributed a regular column to theWallowa County Chieftain. He currently serves as the director of the Josephy Library of Western History and Culture in Joseph, Oregon.


Rodd Ambroson

Rodd Ambroson

When you first meet Rodd Ambroson, he’s probably wearing his signature Tilley hat, blue jeans and work shirt. He looks like a man who loves the and land and, in fact, he does.

Rodd’s eyes twinkle and invite you in. You are interesting. You are a unique part of the world that he loves and celebrates in drawings, paintings, poetry, songs, instrumental compositions and sculptures. Yet he somehow finds the time to craft bronze figures so fine and expressive that you can see into their soul.

ambroson_shepherdessHis art, especially his sculpture, speaks for itself in beauty and intelligence. But you wonder: how can he create such elegance in clay? Simply contemplating a piece can inspire the viewer with joy, serenity and gratitude for being human.

With time and right circumstances, you may penetrate Rodd’s gentle modesty, a little at a time, drawing forth continually amazing revelations. Who can ever know all of Rodd’s secrets?

His university studies include painting, drawing, illustration, sculpture, architecture, mathematics, medicine, physiology, chemistry and antomy. He has a bachelor’s degree in fine art with a minor in pre-medicine as well as a master’s degree in medical illustration. The latter degree required him to achieve a deeper grasp of anatomy and physiology than is required of physicians. He twice won top national honors for his medical illustrations. He has played music professionally, and he once worked as a carpenter in construction. He likes to create. He likes the feel of “hands-on.” He enjoys his mastery in shaping materials to his good intentions.

He’s a rugged individualist, who happens to come with a Renaissance spirit and education. He has no ax to grind and no one to impress. His work is the antithesis of the edgy, angst-ridden art that “holds up a mirror to society.” Society has enough “mirrors” for a funhouse on every street corner. Rodd’s art celebrates the good, the truth, the beauty that is there – there for us – if only we’ll pause to see it.

-Ed Pitts

Melissa Josephy

Melissa Josephy

Melissa Josephy has the great good fortune to spend summer weeks on the family’s east moraine property, the Palojami Ranch. Her love for the mountains, rivers and sky of Eastern Oregon are the driving force in her artwork and in the heart she brings to the Josephy Center. The contrast with the lands and waters of her Olympia, Washington home near the Puget Sound and the Blue and Wallowa regions helps to inform her art and her wide knowledge of and appreciation for the dramatic and bewitching landscapes of the Pacific Northwest.

10672100_10152884814508885_4955007267268074635_nMelissa grew up in Idaho and Southern California, and, following college in Colorado, she moved to the Sun Valley, Idaho area. Here she raised her family, while working for the Sun Valley Company and in the real estate and property management worlds. While living at 6000 feet for over more than two decades, in a place of great natural beauty and serious seasonal changes, Melissa explored the country between the Great Basin and the Rocky Mountains throughout the year. Winters found her moonlight skiing in the Boulder Mountains, and enjoying hot springs along the Salmon River. June was the month for Yellowstone, visiting the spring babies that fill the park in that season. Summers included long weekends and weeks in Wallowa County and places west, all the way to Vancouver Island. All that time she collected and absorbed the images of Pacific Northwest, using them in her later artwork.

Melissa works less these days, acting as office manager for a law firm in Olympia, while she patiently waits for her husband, Al Josephy, to finish his career work there. Her days in Olympia are made busy with chickens, gardens and her two Yorkies. In the meantime she works, paints and travels the region between Montana and Oregon and British Columbia, visiting her family in Boise, Bozeman, and Salem, and absorbing the images and experiences of her beloved Northwest, watching the seasons cycle through these wonderfully varied landscapes she calls home.

Anne Stephens

Anne grew up in Mexico, Illinois and NY, ending up in Boston for college where she met her husband Brad. Eager to live out West, they moved to LaGrande in 1975 where Brad practiced orthopedic surgery and they raised three boys. Anne started and ran Sunflower Books downtown in a little yellow house with a white picket fence.

In 1993, they moved to Lake Placid, NY, where Brad practiced sports medicine and worked with the Olympic athletes while Anne went to law school in Vermont. She was licensed as a lawyer in NY and used her degree to help the Lake Placid Center for the Arts, the Lake Placid Land Conservancy, and the newly formed Adirondack Community Trust.

In 2007 they moved back to Eastern Oregon settling in Joseph. Anne was one of the founders of the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture. She is happy to be back on the board helping out in a place that brings so much pleasure to so many.

Mike Koloski

Mike Koloski

Although Enterprise, Oregon artist, Mike Koloski, has drawn and painted since childhood, he acquired his formal training gradually in parallel with other careers as a Coast Guard officer, civil engineer, and teacher. While specializing in engineering for the Coast Guard, Mike studied art at the University of Maryland; the Corcoran School, Washington, DC; the Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia; and the University of Alaska.

Snowbird's Delight koloskiAfter retiring from the Coast Guard in 1985, Koloski continued his art training at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon, finally earning his degree in painting from the University of Alaska Southeast in 1989.

Mike and his wife, Linda, moved from Juneau, Alaska to Wallowa County in 1995.  He immediately became active in community artistic affairs.  He has chaired the Wallowa County Festival of Arts and was on the original steering committee developing the JCAC.  He is an enthusiastic supporter of the Center and feels privileged to serve on its Board of Directors.

You can find some of his paintings available at our online art shop here:

Nancy Clarke

Nancy Clarke

Nancy Clarke has been backpacking in the Eagle Cap Wilderness since the early 1980’s. She and her husband, Jim Dameron, became landowners in 1998 and have made their little piece of heaven up the Lostine Canyon their half-time home since retiring in 2010.

“Regret” by Nancy Clarke. Find more prints like this at her website listed below.

Before a 2014 class at the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture Nancy dabbled a little in plastic sculpture and digital drawing, but never considered herself an artist. The class sparked an interest in print-making, and a follow-up workshop in photopolymer intaglio caused an identity redefinition: print artist. To make her prints she often starts with sculptures from Oceania, Africa, historic Europe and pre-Columbian America. Using an iPad she draws the sculptures, and then explores what story these figures could still be telling us today. When it works well, her narrative updates the original creation while allowing room for viewers to make the story their own. The individual prints can stand alone, but she often turns them into collectives of book format, multiple blocks per page and multiple image framing to make the stories richer. She dreams of acquiring a fine-art press for the Wallowa community. In the meantime she pulls her prints at the Atelier Meridian collective studio in Portland.

Prior to becoming focused on art Nancy had a 30-year career in various non-profit and government positions promoting the public’s health. She served on boards, created boards, staffed boards and started and ran a successful non-profit organization. A theme throughout her career was bridging urban and rural needs: for emergency medical services, tobacco addiction help, high quality health care and consumer information. She is intensely interested in strengthening the JCAC by building artistic and cultural links between urban and rural communities. She currently volunteers her non-profit management expertise to both the JCAC and the Wallowa Land Trust. She is also a jazz keyboardist, always looking for a jam.


Mackenzie P.R. Roorda

My finding Joseph, Oregon in 2006 was by no accident. Little did I know that every twist and turn in the invisible Life Road map would eventually lead to Wallowa County. In the Summer of 2012,  my pups and I uprooted from Napa Valley, California to head Home and reside beneath Chief Joseph Mountain. We literally hitched a wagon to a star.

What accents the physically stunning beauty of rural Eastern Oregon’s lands, rivers, mountains and lakes are the people who live here and their beliefs and values they share, model, and protect. To insure that these beliefs and values be sustained for future generations, I am actively volunteering and contributing to organizations and events which engage in offering education, culture, the visual and performing arts, farm to table, & the health of the environment and all its inhabitants. I’m referring in particular to the Native Americans, and to the spiritual sacredness which blankets the entire landscape of Wallowa Valley.

Thus far, my professional learning horizons have included many classrooms, retail sales companies, directing and owning two small businesses in education and wellness, and most recently, in earning a OHCC Home Care Worker credential in 2013. Now I have been given the honor to join the Board of Directors of The Josephy Center for Arts and Culture where electrifying energies will be unleashed to experience learning at a whole new level and to develop a premier center.

Cameron Scott

Cameron Scott

Cameron Scott lives in Wallowa, OR, and was recently awarded The Blue Light Book Award for his forthcoming second collection of poetry, The Book of Cold Mountain. He received an MFA in poetry from University of Arizona and has kicked around the dusty west as a writer, teacher, and fly-fishing guide and currently helps implements Fishtrap Story Labs. If you have leftovers, he will eat them.

Cam’s Poetry & Art:


Casey Holmes

Hello Wallowa County! My name is Casey Holmes and I am the new Resource Coordinator at the Josephy Center! I recently graduated from Baylor University in Waco, Texas with a masters degree in Museum Studies. Waco was entirely too warm for my taste so I am absolutely thrilled to be working in the gorgeous town of Joseph, Oregon. Until this summer, I had never been to Oregon. I was born and raised on a dairy farm in central Illinois, but during some extensive travel in my teens I fell in love with mountains. Some other fun facts about me are that I will be getting married this fall to Matthew Holmes, the Youth and Family Pastor of Enterprise Christian Church. I am also an avid reader, hiker, and pianist. I am really excited to begin this position at the Josephy Center and I’m anxious to meet all of you. Thanks for having me!




Casey was raised on a dairy farm in central Illinois and she began travelling at a very young age. After seeing most of the continental U.S., she made her first trek to Europe when she was sixteen. Throughout high school and college she continued to travel as well as engage in plenty of community organizations, including high school and college choir and dance teams, local theater companies, 4-H, and Campus Crusade for Christ.

Casey received her BA in History and Political Science with a minor in Religion and Philosophy from Eureka College in Eureka, Illinois. During her senior year, she studied abroad at New College, Oxford University where she studied Reformation Theology and the History of the Enlightenment. She was also an active member of the Oxford University C. S. Lewis Society and the New College Women’s Rowing Crew. As much as she loved her academic stint in Oxford, when she arrived back in the U.S. she knew she wanted to work for a museum or non-profit organization rather than pursue a doctorate and teaching career. She found academic history too stuffy and hoped she could reach a wider, more passionate audience working in a museum.

Casey graduated summa cum laude in May 2013. Too burned out to pursue graduate school right away, she took a year off in Missoula, Montana. There, she worked part time as a waitress, took in the glorious scenery, and rediscovered her passion for new experiences and travel. It was in Missoula that Casey fell in love with the mountains and lakes of the Pacific Northwest. It was also in Missoula that she met her future in-laws, but incidentally, she did not meet her future husband there. Craig and Cathy Holmes came into Casey’s restaurant in February 2014 and insisted ‘she was good daughter-in-law material’. They asked for her contact information to pass on to their son, Matthew, who was living in Spokane, WA and also had an interest in religion and philosophy. Casey reluctantly agreed. While she and Matthew got to know each other online for the next few months, they never met or considered dating. That summer, their communication fizzled out after Casey was accepted to the Museum Studies program at Baylor University in Waco, Texas.

Casey lived in Texas for two years learning Museum Education, Administration and Collections Management. She also completed her master’s thesis entitled One for the Books: A Case Study of the Interpretation of Personal Libraries in Historic House Museums. Her research included visiting and conducting a careful analysis of the historic homes of Thomas Jefferson at Monticello, James Madison at Montpelier, and George Washington at Mount Vernon. During her third semester, Casey needed help with formatting and editing on her thesis, so she reached out to Matthew, now living in Enterprise, OR. After her manuscript was published, they continued to stay in touch and decided to meet during Spring Break. Casey and Matthew met in March 2016 and were engaged three weeks later. After she completed her classes in May, Casey decided to forego Baylor’s graduation ceremony so she could move to Oregon and start planning her wedding.

Casey found out about the Josephy Center’s Resource Coordinator position on her second day in Wallowa County. She is very excited to be a part of such a rich and creative community; the fact that she gets to work in her field of study is a great bonus. Casey currently lives in Enterprise where Matthew is now the Youth and Family Pastor at Enterprise Christian Church. They will be married in September 2016. They both love their new home in Wallowa County and Casey is very happy to be living near mountains again.

Megan Wolfe

Megan decided, after the fact, Googling how to write your own bio may have been a mistake. Suddenly writing facts about herself to be put semi-permanently on a website became incredibly daunting.

The first step, “Introduce Yourself,” seemed a simple way to begin, but all she could come up with was: “Megan Wolfe moved to Wallowa after marrying Woody Wolfe in 2002.” Wow…action-packed. Perhaps she would say, “Her hobbies include gardening (but only in good weather), bird watching (if the weather cooperates), photography (when it’s warm enough), and a voracious appetite for books (for the 360 days when the temperature outside is not warm enough), plus a little cowboy action shooting when she had time (rain or shine).”

She would think on that more in depth a little later. Maybe step two would be easier. “Education & Credentials.” What? Well high school, of course. Then came a year at Southern Oregon University, with her favorite classes being Biology & Scuba Diving. A friend then convinced her to attend Oregon State University, where she fell in love, got married and decided she could finish college later. *Silly young thing. She should have made her move to some lush tropical island and finished her studies in oceanography and cabana boys.*

Okay, let’s skip that for now.

Number three: “Notable Achievements.” Are you kidding? At this point all she could come up with as a worthy notable achievement would be to have imprinted on a baby dragon from the moment it peeked out of its iridescent shell to have flown the skies together to fight Thread. Although – being the mother of two wonderful boys is, no doubt, harder and much more rewarding. Let’s move on.

“Closing Statement.” Well…maybe she would go back to working on the introduction.

Mary Chlopek

Mary Chlopek

Mary is a native of New Orleans, though not raised there long enough that any accent would suggest it.  After many moves the family ended up, of all places, in Central Illinois where Mary earned a B.A. in Biology from Southern Illinois University.  She met her husband John in Illinois and after marrying, they explored the special joys of newlywed life in the humidity zones of southern Louisiana and Texas.  After a short, moist, bug-filled couple of years, the desire for a less oppressive climate drew them to the west, settling first in Hood River, then later in Portland in the late 80s.

After a brief but memorable stint as a high school science teacher in the south, Mary settled into the thrill-a-minute field of medical transcription, starting her own transcription service and retiring in 2015.  Along the way, she developed an interest in several outside-the-cubicle endeavors including snowboarding, rock climbing, rafting, hiking, and more recently dabbling in a variety of artistic interests, including pottery, fabric art, mixed media collage, and writing.

Mary and John are new to Wallowa County, having purchased a small ranch outside Lostine in 2017, and are totally in love with the area.  She looks forward to settling into the community and making a contribution to the art center and its wonderful people.

René Fleming

After several years of visiting the area, René Fleming, along with her husband and border collie, settled in Joseph in 2007. The beauty of NE Oregon combined with the creativity of the locals was enough to draw her south after 30 years of living in Alaska. René likes to say that her career has been to have many careers. Along the way she has been a glacier pilot, small art shop owner, and veterinarian. As a sampler of life she enjoys trying new things and seeing what the experiences bring. One constant has been an interest in the arts. Creative interests include photography, block printing, writing, and woodcarving. Over the past several years René has enjoyed watching the Josephy Center become a place where people come together and celebrate art in all its forms.

Dave Berkey

Dave and his wife Sybil throughout their marriage yearned for a rural lifestyle.  They discovered the Wallowa Valley in the early 1980s.  Years of vacationing in this area established friendships and ultimately resulted in the 2005 purchase of a house in Joseph, which became a part time residence.  Family and business kept Dave and Sybil primarily tied to Kirkland Washington until recently. In Kirkland Dave volunteered as a little league coach, served as president of the local Lion’s Club, and was recently a board member on the Lake Washington Institute of Technology Foundation.  Dave’s legal career included criminal defense, family law, municipal law, estate planning and probate.  Dave and his long-time law partner sold their practice in 2018 and Dave is currently acting as a consultant to the new owner.  He hopes to be fully retired by early 2019.

Dave and Sybil love this area on many levels—the physical landscape, wildlife, wonderful residents and friendships are integral parts of the Berkey family lifestyle.  They enjoy long visits with their son, daughter-in-law and two granddaughters.  Dave personally likes to work hard on building and landscaping projects, carpentry, automobile maintenance and repairs, hiking, dragon boat paddling, reading Native American history, economics and science fiction, studying music, and playing electric blues guitar.  The Berkeys are also members of the Baha’i Faith and very much enjoy the local Baha’i community.

Ted Hays

Ted Hays

My great grandparents settled the Wallowa Valley in a covered wagon back in the 1870’s. These are my roots, and I loved living with my grandparents on part of the original homestead here.  I was also brought up in Baker City and Sumpter, OR, on a ranch not far from here.

My wife Sharon and I have been married for 55 years and this is where we have raised our three children, Brett, Tyler and Amy and several grand children. We started and ran successfully two different businesses, a bakery/ restaurant, and a sign/graphic arts business before selling and retiring from them 30 plus years later. I also worked in Community Development and Manpower programs for the Eastern Oregon Community Development Council. I studied at Santa Barbara City College and Eastern Oregon University.

My main interest are people, singing, music, fly fishing, tennis, acting, painting, writing and poetry. Of course, what I enjoy most is getting in my pickup and driving around our scenic county with my beautiful bride, Sharon, and her terrific homemade lunches. We are both active members of the Baha’i Faith, and grateful to have been a part of this county and its people.

Kodi McCleary

Kodi McCleary

Since early childhood, art has always woven itself into Kodi’s life. Whether it was art classes through school or winemaking in college, Kodi has always found a way to keep evolving with art. These days art is the main focus in Kodi’s life. If it’s in her Thursday painting class with the adults at Josephy Center, or After School Programming with the little ones at Joseph Charter school. Kodi also says that same focus is how she approaches the designs, patterns, and styles in the clothing boutique she owns. Kodi would love to share on your journey of self expression in one of her classes.

Dawn Norman

Dawn Norman

Dawn is a local artist from Enterprise, Oregon. She returned to Wallowa County to raise her family and to continue to develop her fiber art. Dawn earned her MFA in painting and sculpture from Washington State University where she also taught drawing and 3D design. Dawn Norman currently teaches two weekly classes at the Josephy Center Friday for 5-8 year olds, and another for teens and adults. She also teaches special workshops such as Wine and Painting and special watercolor workshops.

Jennifer Hawkins-Connolly

Jennifer Hawkins-Connolly

Instructor Jennifer Hawkins-Connolly is also another guest teacher at the Josephy Center. She visits frequently to teach our popular monthly Wine and Painting workshops, as well as a wool felting class in June. Jennifer’s inspiration for her art comes from Nature.  From an early age she could be found watching how ants carry food and how barn swallows build their nests.  These observations of nature lead to a desire to capture the vision of what she perceives translating it into beautiful creations. Bringing the outside in.

Jennifer grew up on a ranch in northern Wallowa County, with her recent return to the county she has focused on recreating the beauty of these magnificent landscapes.

Jennifer studied fine art, arts education and the natural sciences earning a Bachelor of Science, Master’s of Science and a Master’s of Fine Art from the University of Oregon.  She has taught visual arts in public and private schools, kindergarten through college.  Jennifer currently teaches art at Joseph Charter School and Enterprise Seventh-Day Adventist School.

Pamela Beach

Pamela Beach is a ceramicist and designer living in Wallowa county. Pamela studied fine art, earning a degree in graphic design. She’s been honing her ceramic skills since 1999, after discovering clay while attending design school. Art has always been a driving force in her life, and clay became the ultimate passion of that influence.

Born and raised in the Midwest, Pamela grew up just a few blocks from the Toledo Museum of Art, visiting every week, wandering the great rooms filled with limitless pieces of history and expression, getting lost in its world and taking art classes on Saturdays. Then later as an adult attending The University of Toledo Art School in the museum’s basement, studying printmaking and drawing.

An Oregonian for over 25 years now, deciding to settle in Wallowa county in 2018, Pamela most recently resided in Portland, Oregon where she taught clay workshops, studied glaze and clay chemistry, co-founded PDX Kids Art Camp in 2011, served on the board of the nonprofit ‘Oregon Potters Association’ from 2013 – 2016 as president, vice president and consultant. Participated in the Ceramics Showcase, the nations biggest ceramic event, showing works from 2012-2016, as well as other smaller shows 2009 – 2018 Clay’s journey from molten lava, to rock, to river beds and back into the fire, melting, transforming into rock again keeps Pamela fascinated and engaged in its undeniable relationship to the earth and the parallels of our own journey. Inspired by nature, its perfection and humility all at once and the medium that connects her to it, Pam draws from that reality to sculpt, handbuild and throw on the wheel, exploring clay bodies, alternative firing and glazing techniques, pushing the edge of design, applying other skills learned in various disciplines over the years to the form and function of clay. Teaching allows Pam to share the purpose, joy and creativity that art has always given her.

Pamela loves the outdoors and living in Wallowa county, the pace, the landscape, the animals, the snow, the beautiful skies, and the stars. So many stars.

Kellee Sheehy

Kellee Sheehy compares her career path to an all you can eat buffet—”It’s a little bit of everything you want to try, but wouldn’t normally put together on one plate.”  From directing a global communications department to managing a bistro in Ireland—from hi-level sales to teaching dance and yoga—from marketing consulting to freelance writing—Kellee Sheehy’s diverse background has provided her with strong leadership skills and a rich life experience.

Growing up in Louisiana, Kellee’s ideas about art and culture were heavily influenced by the region’s dynamic fusion of cultures, which embrace both traditional and offbeat forms of art and creativity.  As an adult, her travels around the world, furthered her appreciation for art and helped her understand how culture preserves the history, life and vibrance of any community.

Kellee graduated with honors with a degree in English from the University of the South, a college esteemed for its’ writing program. That solid foundation in writing enabled her to find meaningful work in a wide variety of jobs which in turn allowed her to take continuing education courses in marketing, writing, business development and leadership. Her passion for teaching and helping others led Kellee to a variety of volunteer opportunities including organizing large-scale fundraisers for the Marine Corps, teaching Sunday school, helping orphans in South America, leading a Brownie troop, and co-founding a personal growth organization for women.

After relocating to Wallowa County, Kellee made a conscious effort to contribute to the local arts and culture scene that she recognized as a unique characteristic for a rural community.  She’s taught a variety of dance classes for children, directed youth theater camps and currently serves on the board of directors for Fishtrap, Inc. and Friends of the Opera House.  As Development Director of the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture, Kellee applies her broad base of knowledge and experience to forge innovative strategies for resourcing the needs of the organization.

Kellee sees variety as the spice of life and the key to professional achievement.  “I’ve been lucky enough to be able to follow my curiosity throughout my career.  Every former job experience, no matter how seemingly unrelated, has built upon itself to help me become a better leader, problem solver, project manager and mentor.” Kellee is grateful for the opportunity to funnel her experience and passion for arts and culture into her work at the Josephy Center.

Jeff Costello

Jeff Costello

jeff costelloHaving grown up in the shadow of Mt. Rainier, Jeff developed a deep-seated love for the mountains at an early age. To this day, if it involves scaling a mountain, or skiing down one, you can count him in!

With a formal academic background in Environmental Science/Biology, Jeff’s original aim of teaching high school science diverged down a separate, yet somewhat parallel, path, when he began working in the field of Experiential Education, focusing on Team and Leadership Development. He considers himself one lucky guy, having spent the better part of the past two decades working in some pretty memorable settings – from the corporate board rooms of Silicon Valley, to the halls of local governments, to high school and university campuses, to remote villages in the Andes and southern Africa.

When not on his proverbial “soapbox”, espousing the merits of great leadership and the power of human collaboration, Jeff serves as a board member for Josephy’s sub-board, the Wallowa Valley Arts Council, and is the current Director of the annual Wallowa Valley Festival of Arts. He’s also constantly scanning the horizon for his next alpine adventure – his dog, Denali, often at his side.