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Kids! Art projects to do while you’re at home

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Projects for kids

Looking for something to do while you’re at home?  Here’s a few things we thought were pretty neat.  If you don’t have all the supplies needed see how creative you can be and use something you have around your house.  If you have a parent willing to help, see if you can make what you need.  Send us your pictures!  Send us your ideas!  Let’s do this together!

Send all pictures and ideas to Megan at  I can’t wait to see what you come up with!



Create your own pastel Easter egg just in time for Spring.  If you’re not into Easter eggs there’s also a link to make sunflowers instead.

Supplies needed: Printer (optional), black paper or cardstock, chalk pastels, white glue, a pencil, scissors, paper towels.



Here’s a fun one that only needs a few ingredients to start and has endless possibilities.

Supplies needed:  Flour, baking powder, salt, ziplock bags, rubber bands, food coloring, and a microwave.





Brighten up any space inside or out with these super cool stained glass flags.  Cut them into different shapes for the seasons, gifts, or your favorite theme.

Supplies needed:  Crayons, wax paper, cheese grater, and an iron.



Join Jennifer Hawkins-Connolly, the art teacher from Joseph Charter school.  She will walk you through collage techniques.


Follow this link for the recipe for corn starch paste:


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