NE Oregon Arts

Oil Painting- Guided Practice with Anna Vogel

A Gathering Place for the Arts in Wallowa County

Oil Painting Guided Practice Series

One to two weekends (Saturday and Sunday) a month from 12-4 p.m: See schedule below

Instructor: Anna Vogel

$50 (for Saturday and Sunday)


An ongoing weekend series devoted to working with oil paints, with a focus on realism, technique, and studying the masters. Although a new theme will be given each weekend, to be announced ahead of time, members can work on lessons at their own pace and choose what painting they will copy, adapt, or draw inspiration from.  Everyone is ultimately encouraged to develop their own artistic direction, with help getting started from the instructor and fellow group members.

Saturday afternoons will start with an intro to the topic and guided exercise, followed by guided work time, while Sunday afternoons will be open studio time with the instructor where students are welcome to continue their painting or bring a personal project/older project for feedback.

During “Self-Directed” classes bring your own photo or reference to work from, or come with a partially-completed painting you want to develop, and the instructor will help you achieve your goal.

Supplies provided / Walk-ins welcome

January 18 and 19Sunset

February 1 and 2:  Self-directed

February 22 and 23:  Seeing the Forest for the Trees

March 14 and 15:  Alpine Stream

April 4 and 5:  Self-directed


Unlimited available
Oil Paintng - Self-directed (Feb)$50.00
Unlimited available
Oil Painting - Seeing the Forest$50.00
Unlimited available
Oil Painting - Alpine Stream$50.00
Unlimited available
Oil Painting - Self-directed (April)$50.00