Megan Wolfe

Megan decided, after the fact, Googling how to write your own bio may have been a mistake. Suddenly writing facts about herself to be put semi-permanently on a website became incredibly daunting.

The first step, “Introduce Yourself,” seemed a simple way to begin, but all she could come up with was: “Megan Wolfe moved to Wallowa after marrying Woody Wolfe in 2002.” Wow…action-packed. Perhaps she would say, “Her hobbies include gardening (but only in good weather), bird watching (if the weather cooperates), photography (when it’s warm enough), and a voracious appetite for books (for the 360 days when the temperature outside is not warm enough), plus a little cowboy action shooting when she had time (rain or shine).”

She would think on that more in depth a little later. Maybe step two would be easier. “Education & Credentials.” What? Well high school, of course. Then came a year at Southern Oregon University, with her favorite classes being Biology & Scuba Diving. A friend then convinced her to attend Oregon State University, where she fell in love, got married and decided she could finish college later. *Silly young thing. She should have made her move to some lush tropical island and finished her studies in oceanography and cabana boys.*

Okay, let’s skip that for now.

Number three: “Notable Achievements.” Are you kidding? At this point all she could come up with as a worthy notable achievement would be to have imprinted on a baby dragon from the moment it peeked out of its iridescent shell to have flown the skies together to fight Thread. Although – being the mother of two wonderful boys is, no doubt, harder and much more rewarding. Let’s move on.

“Closing Statement.” Well…maybe she would go back to working on the introduction.