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Dear Friends,

Phew! Felt like spring might never come back around, but we made it. Buttercups, sunshine and birds a-chirping are a welcome relief and the Josephy Center is in the mood to celebrate.

We’ve got a lot going on and even more coming up. As always, your interest and support is greatly appreciated as we launch another year of top-notch arts and culture programming.

First off, March is Women’s History Month (thru to March 27) and we’re hosting several intriguing events to commemorate women in the arts, including music, film and history. After, we have major exhibits coming in 2017 include printmaking, Native American art and a delightful photography exhibit featuring shots from a Hells Canyon float trip with some of the top photographers in the country. The Josephy Center will also be hosting encaustic artists and a cowboy photo booth at the Chief Joseph Rodeo where you can line up with other buckaroos for your own portrait!

Our class offerings are expanding this year and we’ll also have 1-3 special workshops each month – including fabric arts, stained glass, photography, ceramics, abstract painting, beginning painting, printmaking, portraiture painting and drawing. Along with all those opportunities, we’re excited to unveil the fabulous new ceramics studio. This new studio space now gives us the room to teach more art classes at all levels!

Rich is in the library working on 20 things at the same time! He has a permanent Nez Perce exhibit going up this Spring. Has an intern coming. Working on a Nez Perce Bibliography. Helping produce a dug out canoe with Allen Pinkham Jr. and Sr. and is also organizing more classes focused on Wallowa County history and culture.

We’re all very excited and also busy as we gear up for the packed 2017 schedule of exhibits, classes, concerts and who knows what else will pop up this year. Thank you for being a part of our ongoing celebration of all things Wallowa County. We hope you can support the Josephy Center continued efforts with a donation or monthly contribution. Your help keeps the center thriving and we’re grateful. Thank you.

Now get out there, enjoy this springtime weather and be sure to come in and see us next time you’re on Main Street.

Best regards,



Cheryl North Coughlan
Executive Director


Click here for the link to our official Winter Newsletter, with information on upcoming classes, exhibits, and events.

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The Josephy Center is a 501 c(3) non-profit organization: EIN #46-0685338

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