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Dear Friends,

Happy New Year to all! Please join us in celebrating our sixth birthday with the best present of all—your support. Our mission, to be a gathering place for arts and culture and an inspirational place for local artists, students, and appreciators of all ages, was aspirational six years ago, and is our everyday life today. Staff and board members are passionate about the mission. The enthusiasm can be seen in programs and in our “customers.”

Customers include Friday students of all ages from local schools; alternative education students and Safe Harbors families taking art classes here; adult painters and ceramicists who gather to grin and work paints and clay; seniors who get Mellica’s clay and instruction at the assisted living facility; more than a hundred, including many of you—who came to see OPB’s “Massacre at Hells Canyon” and meet producer Kami Horton; and the many locals and out of town visitors who came to see the Nez Perce story in old photos in June, and the spectacular Hells Canyon exhibit in August.

At this point in any Josephy Center communications, we come to the Nez Perce. Alvin Josephy helped bring them back to national attention in the 1960s; we continue his work, thinking of ourselves as links to tribal people and an ancient homeland. Visitors browse the Josephy exhibit and pick through the books in the library and those on sale in the Art Shop. Many got to see Allen Pinkham, Jr. this summer, as he carved away on the 16 foot canoe that sits outside the front door; a few of you helped put it in Wallowa Lake on its recent test voyage (it floats!). Allen will be back to finish this canoe and begin a 30-footer this fall.

Some of you listened to Allen Sr. explain the traditional Wallowa Country lifestyle—his words, his son’s work, and the words and work of many others will go into a permanent Nez Perce exhibit on the second floor describing that lifestyle in this place. Joan Gilbert is designing it now. And that will all be building while we are searching for the Plateau Tribal artist who will build a sculpture for our yard or for the city street, a piece of bronze, steel, or granite that will give an Indian eye to the City of Joseph, rich in its Nez Perce past and today’s bronze—but lacking an Indian art voice. We were one of a handful who received major grants from the Oregon Community Foundation to take chances and do something grand and significant through art.

Art matters. Maybe you don’t draw or paint or play an instrument yourself, but, given the opportunity, art, music, words, and images can get into your mind and change the way you look at the world, make it a richer world.

That’s our job—to help make and share a richer, if sometimes more complicated and mysterious, world. Thank you so much for helping us come this far in a journey that we hope goes on and on. Please join us with a generous contribution for chapter six of the journey.





Cheryl North Coughlan
Executive Director




Rich Wandschneider
Library Director

Support the Center!!!!
The Josephy Center is a 501 c(3) non-profit organization: EIN #46-0685338

The Josephy Center is now a vital part of our community. New support from you is needed to keep the Center thriving as we build on our foundation. Your donation strengthens not only the Center, but the community as a whole by enriching all our lives.

There are multiple ways to give:

-A one-time seasonal donation; $25, $50, $100, $200, $500, $1000 or more.

-a sustainable monthly donation here (see below)

-Donations of appreciated stock contributions, email for instructions

-401k rollover contributions, email for instructions

How can you donate? You can write a check, use a credit card (below), auto bank transfer, or provide cash. Mail donations to JCAC, PO Box 949, Joseph, OR  97846

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