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11242346_649608298473844_3198527480963796119_oDear Friends,

Hello Josephy Center friends! Can you believe we are starting our fifth year as an arts and cultural organization in Wallowa County? Over 8,500 visitors and residents have participated in our programs and classes. We couldn’t have done it without your support, volunteer hours and presence at events.


We invite you to help us continue to offer quality programs and events for our residents, families and visitors. Our exhibits and most programs are free and open to the public. We have your interests at heart, but they all cost money and need your support.


Our first goal is to engage the community through exhibits and complimentary programs by providing a wide array of artistic, cultural and educational opportunities. Didn’t we all love the Walter Brennan Festival last May and this summer’s Wild Landscape photography show? With each exhibit, we invite musicians, authors, and lecturers to teach and inspire us. With your help, we will continue to do this!


And for the kids we have the Youth Art Program — five classes every Friday to over 50 kids ages 5-18. Mellica McIntire, our lead instructor, teaches classes and organizes the rest– sharing her gift with our kids. Every Friday they come and play, and the laughter and fun is infectious.


Today, I was in Mellica’s painting class and chatted with 12-year old Ginger. We talked about school, her teachers and her painting class. I then asked, “Would you like to be a teacher, one day?” She laughed and quickly said, “No, I’d like to be an artist or a fashion designer!” I loved it! She comes almost every Friday, and is exploring different tools of artistic expression. Ginger is just one of many kids who benefit from exploring the world of art. It’s amazing how quickly they become savvy and what wonders they create.


I haven’t mentioned the library, where Nez Perce scholars recently photocopied boxes of letters, documents, and sometime rare magazine articles that Alvin Josephy once used in his own research, and where visitors from across the country and the world stop to learn about Alvin and the Indians who once lived here. Like every aspect of the Center, the Library is gaining fans and its place on Oregon’s cultural map.


As you can see, we need your help to grow and expand. We are still young and can’t blossom without your support. Every kid, teen and adult deserves the opportunity to explore hobbies, passions and future career paths. Your support helps the community while strengthening the Josephy Center. Please make a one-time gift or set up a monthly donation. Your annual support is critical to sustain our work.


Thank you! We can’t wait to see you at the Center!





Cheryl North Coughlan
Executive Director

Click here for the link to our official Winter Newsletter, with information on upcoming classes, exhibits, and events.

Support the Center!!!!

The Josephy Center is now a vital part of our community. New support from you is needed to keep the Center thriving as we build on our foundation. Your donation strengthens not only the Center, but the community as a whole by enriching all our lives.

There are multiple ways to give:

-A one-time seasonal donation; $25, $50, $100, $200, $500, $1000 or more.

-a sustainable monthly donation here (see below)

-Donations of appreciated stock contributions, email for instructions

-401k rollover contributions, email for instructions

How can you donate? You can write a check, use a credit card (below), auto bank transfer, or provide cash. Mail donations to JCAC, PO Box 949, Joseph, OR  97846

The Josephy Center is a 501 c(3) non-profit organization: EIN #46-0685338


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