NE Oregon Arts

Jennifer Hawkins-Connolly

A Gathering Place for the Arts in Wallowa County

Instructor Jennifer Hawkins-Connolly is also another guest teacher at the Josephy Center. She visits frequently to teach our popular monthly Wine and Painting workshops, as well as a wool felting class in June. Jennifer’s inspiration for her art comes from Nature.  From an early age she could be found watching how ants carry food and how barn swallows build their nests.  These observations of nature lead to a desire to capture the vision of what she perceives translating it into beautiful creations. Bringing the outside in.

Jennifer grew up on a ranch in northern Wallowa County, with her recent return to the county she has focused on recreating the beauty of these magnificent landscapes.

Jennifer studied fine art, arts education and the natural sciences earning a Bachelor of Science, Master’s of Science and a Master’s of Fine Art from the University of Oregon.  She has taught visual arts in public and private schools, kindergarten through college.  Jennifer currently teaches art at Joseph Charter School and Enterprise Seventh-Day Adventist School.