Mackenzie P.R. Roorda

My finding Joseph, Oregon in 2006 was by no accident. Little did I know that every twist and turn in the invisible Life Road map would eventually lead to Wallowa County. In the Summer of 2012,  my pups and I uprooted from Napa Valley, California to head Home and reside beneath Chief Joseph Mountain. We literally hitched a wagon to a star.

What accents the physically stunning beauty of rural Eastern Oregon’s lands, rivers, mountains and lakes are the people who live here and their beliefs and values they share, model, and protect. To insure that these beliefs and values be sustained for future generations, I am actively volunteering and contributing to organizations and events which engage in offering education, culture, the visual and performing arts, farm to table, & the health of the environment and all its inhabitants. I’m referring in particular to the Native Americans, and to the spiritual sacredness which blankets the entire landscape of Wallowa Valley.

Thus far, my professional learning horizons have included many classrooms, retail sales companies, directing and owning two small businesses in education and wellness, and most recently, in earning a OHCC Home Care Worker credential in 2013. Now I have been given the honor to join the Board of Directors of The Josephy Center for Arts and Culture where electrifying energies will be unleashed to experience learning at a whole new level and to develop a premier center.