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Marky Pitts

A Gathering Place for the Arts in Wallowa County

Joseph, Oregon

760 519-4981


Marky Pitts is a full-time resident of Joseph since 2008. She was drawn to Wallowa County by its arts community and the warmth of its residents. She currently serves as Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture.

Marky currently serves as a consultant in the field of research ethics, specifically animal research oversight committees.  She also is a co-founder and officer of the non profit IACUC 101 Series which provides training programs for new members of research ethics committees.  She conducts site visits of academic institutions and  biotech companies on behalf of  the National Institutes of Health, and AAALAC, International (Association for the Accreditation and Assessment of Laboratory Animal Care).  Previously she served as Director of the Animal Subjects Program at the University of California, San Diego for 20 years and prior to that 10 years as Senior Administrator to the Dean, College of Nursing, Syracuse University.

Marky values community service activities wherever she resides.  She currently serves as a member of the San Diego Zoo Global’s animal care and use committee. Marky recently retired from 15 years of service on the Board of Directors of the Boston based non-profit, Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research (PRIM&R).

Previous service includes co founder of the San Diego Science Alliance; Member of the Food and Nutrition Advisory Board, 4-H County Clothing and Recognition Committees for Onondaga County, Syracuse, NY.

Marky attended Aurora University, Aurora , Ill.  She has taken continuing education courses at Syracuse University, University of California San Diego, and the American Management Association.

Marky was born in Vermont and grew up on a small dairy farm in New England. She enjoys spending time with her three grown daughters and their spouses and three beautiful granddaughters. Some of Marky’s favorite activities are photography, swimming in Wallowa Lake with the “Pod”, reading, and hiking/walking.