NE Oregon Arts

Nancy Knoble

A Gathering Place for the Arts in Wallowa County

Joseph, OR


Nancy Knoble is a resident of Wallowa County and owns a ranch property east of joseph. She serves as Interim Chair and Treasurer of the Board of Directors of the JOSEPHY CENTER FOR ARTS AND CULTURE (Josephy Center). In addition, she serves as Secretary/Treasurer for Silver Lake Ditch Co. (Wallowa County, OR), Past Chair of the Board for Expedition Inspiration Fund for Breast Cancer Research (Boise, ID), and Secretary of the Board for Thurman Courtyard Condominium Homeowners Association (Portland, OR).

1491385_10201858556243657_1772627840_o (1)Her professional career included 25 years of executive and management experience with GE, Pacific Telesis and two high technology companies spanning a number of business sectors. Her responsibilities included human resources, corporate communications, real estate/facilities and marketing leadership. In the non-profit sector, Nancy oversaw the startup of Central Oregon Partnership, a significant non-profit addressing issues of poverty in three counties of center Oregon.

Nancy values community and service. Her public/non-profit involvement includes preservation of open space in a community outside of San Francisco, breast cancer awareness and fundraising, land use & planning and public health. She may be best known for being one of three breast cancer survivors to reach the summit of Argentina’s Mt. Aconcagua (23,000’) as part of a breast cancer fundraising project aptly named Expedition Inspiration.

Since living in Wallowa County, she has consulted for Wallowa Resources (2007) and co-owned The Sheep Shed (2009 – 2012) while restoring her farm property and raising dairy goats and chickens. She loves the outdoors activities, reading, knitting and cooking.

Nancy was raised in the Great Lakes region and is a graduate of Syracuse University.