The Wild Landscape: Art and Words of the Zumwalt Prairie

The Josephy Center for Arts and Culture invites the public to the opening of their new Wild Landscapes-series exhibit: The Wild Landscape: Art and Words of the Zumwalt Prairie, on Friday, August 3, 2018 at 7 p.m., doors open at 6:30. The content of the exhibit is also available for purchase as a paperback exhibit catalogue.

The diverse exhibit includes poetry, essays, a sound-track and a short film; as well as paintings and photographs, by 25 writers and artists from around the northwest, including David Jensen, Leslie LeViner, Jenner Hanni, Janie Tippett, and Pamela Royes.  It will continue from August 4 until September 11.

Sunbath at Sunrise, photograph by Jennifer Hanni

Art and Words of the Zumwalt Prairieoffers a snapshot of The Nature Conservancy’s Zumwalt Prairie Preserve in mid-June—the peak flowering season. To produce this exhibit, the artists and writers gathered on June 16 to begin the week-long creative project to capture the landscapes, flowers, animals, and essence of The Zumwalt.

Their work depicts the wild nature of The Zumwalt Prairie Preserve, and also considers the question of what “wild” means in landscape that has been influenced, harvested, and managed by humans for millennia.

The exhibit catalogue includes all paintings and photographs in the exhibit, as well as the full text of poems, essays, and stories; and introductions by The Nature Conservancy’s Jeff Fields, and exhibit curator Ellen Morris Bishop.  It is available as a paperback book for $15.

Artist Jakob Haßlacher will be donating a painting to help raise funds for our art-education program. The painting will be up for silent auction during the exhibit. Come make a bid.

The Wild Landscape: Art and Words of the Zumwalt Prairieexhibit was funded by the Collins Foundation and Ann Werner. The Kinsman Foundation supported publication of the exhibit catalogue and The Nature Conservancy generously sponsored the artists’ time on their preserve.

During the exhibit’s run, we will offer several classes: Night Photography with Ellen Bishop on August 10 and a watercolor plein airclass on September 9. For more details, see our website. Accompanying events will be announced and will also be available on our website.



Cheryl Coughlan, Josephy Center Director:  541-432-0505

Jeff Fields: The Nature Conservancy Manager:    541-620-1250

Ellen Morris Bishop, Curator:  paleobishop@gmail.com541 398-1810


“Zumwalt Prairie to the Seven Devils,”  Watercolor, Leslie LeViner

“Sunbath at Sunrise,” Photograph, Jenner Hanni


Zumwalt Prairie to the Seven Devils, watercolor by Leslie LeViner