The Wild Landscape: Expanding Views of Eastern Oregon

The Josephy Center for Arts and Culture invites the public to view the sixth annual  Wild Landscapes exhibit: The Wild Landscape: Expanding Views of Eastern Oregon, beginning Friday, July 31, 2020. There will be no opening reception due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we will host a zoom Brown Bag event on Tuesday, August 11 at noon. Individual pieces can be purchased, and there will again be a paperback exhibit catalogue. 


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This year’s theme is expanding views of Eastern Oregon – from the canyon views to the mountain tops and wide prairies. The exhibit and theme continue our celebration of wild landscapes. Our visual definition of wild is landscape relatively unaltered by human development. Our goal is the continued appreciation of the diverse landscapes and unique places of Eastern Oregon. Nineteen artists are participating, and over forty-three paintings, photographs and mixed media images  will be on display.  Artists include local favorites David Jensen, Rick Bombaci, Leslie LeViner, David Martin, Jennifer Klimsza and many more. 

This year photographer Ellen Bishop and artist Mike Koloski will jury the exhibit. 


Prize Winners

1st place:  “Mountain Meadow” by Maja Shaw
2nd place:  “Mountains in Spring” by Jennifer Klimzsa
3rd place:  “Chesnimnus Vista” by David Jensen

Honorable Mention:
“Sunset, Imnaha Canyon” by MC Reardon
“Rimrock to River” by David Martin
“Hells Canyon Colors” by Laura Gable

Mike Koloski- Judges Choice:  “Dancing Clouds” by Eric Valentine
Ellen Bishop- Judges Choice:  “Passages” by Leslie Anne Hauer

Pamela Beach designed The Wild Landscape: Expanding Views of Eastern Oregon’s catalog. You can purchase this catalogue today on our website.  The exhibit will run until September 9, 2020. This exhibit has been made possible by the wonderful support of Ann Werner, the Kinsman Foundation and the Collins Foundation.