NE Oregon Arts

Wallowa Printmakers Guild

Offering Seasonal Winter Printmaking Workshops

The Josephy Center for Arts and culture fosters the creation and appreciation of fine-art prints.  Our program supports artists with tools and equipment, a safely-shared work environment, education, low-cost materials, and a venue for display.

The Guild is a collection of people creating with ink in a 24-hour, well-equipped studio.  We are artists of all skill levels sharing the creative process.  Join us as we create, learn, support and collaborate.

CURRENT CLASS OFFERINGS: Open Studio Printmaking with Nancy Clarke. Lasts weekly on Mondays through September. Register online here! A special Broadside printing workshop will also be offered on October 19-20, available here.

You can explore the medium independently, while getting a little bit of guidance and tips from Nancy Clarke and/or Kirk Skovlin. A single session is $15, purchasable below.

ANNUAL GUILD MEMBERSHIP: $30 (required) with membership you receive 10% discount of classes, discounts on supplies/paper, a free orientation, and access to unsupervised use of fine art press & tools.


  • Supervised open studio 2-4 hour session: $15
  • Unsupervised open studio single session: $15
  • Four-punch pass for open studio: $50
  • 1 month open studio pass: $75
  • 3 months open studio pass: $130
  • 12 months annual pass paid in advance: $450


  • Classes
  • Workshops
  • Supervised studio

Please contact or call 541-432-0505 for any questions.