Haunt Camp

Wallowa County's Spookiest Art Class for Kids!

HAUNT CAMP is an extracurricular class that teaches design + fabrication to Wallowa County high school students. Our team of collaborators will build an avant-garde haunted house for the whole community to enjoy. It’s more than just a Halloween goof: students will learn technical skills used in well-paying creative careers.

HAUNT CAMP is a visual & performance art project that gives teens creative control while teaching the skills needed to realize their vision.

Youth art programs often fail to demonstrate a practical link to jobs & real-world application. This can discourage students from taking classes to develop their creativity, and leaves participants ill-prepared to enter the creative workforce after graduation.  HAUNT CAMP teaches in-demand technical skills and introduces teenagers to a wide range of career possibilities through a fun curriculum—all while creating a Halloween attraction for our local community.

HAUNT CAMP classes are open to high school students entering 8th grade through recent graduates

It's Back for 2023! And Spookier than Ever!

Join Haunt Camp! It all begins June 17th at Josephy.

In this class offered for FREE through the Josephy Center, students aged 13-21 will design & create a haunted house, open to the public the last weekend in October. Join us for an all-ages workshop that delves into the world of Haunt Camp, a unique, extracurricular program that teaches design, fabrication, and performance art to Wallowa County high school students on Saturday, June 17th at 1:30p.m. Program director JR Rymut will share how a rural community can be a perfect and unexpected incubator of avant-garde art.

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After this workshop, we'll begin weekly schedule to begin the building of Haunt Camp. 

Bonus: HAUNT CAMP students will have access to online classes from the Stan Winston School of Character Arts, where they can explore a world of special effects, fabrication, & filmmaking.

The class is free, but registration is required. If you have questions, please contact JR at boo@hauntcamp.org

The Director

JR Rymut graduated from Rhode Island School of Design and has been a professional creative fabricator since 2014. She now splits her time between teaching art in rural Wallowa County and working in Los Angeles for museum exhibit, film set, & taxidermy studios. Her active professional connections provide a unique opportunity for youth to learn the latest, most relevant techniques being used in the industry today. She finds the thought of building an exhibit designed by teenagers extremely funny.

HAUNT CAMP has been the dream since 2019.

2022 Halloween Cheesecake Laboratory - A Success!