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Women’s Art Exhibition – Call to Artists

January 15

2024 Women’s Art Exhibition Call to Artist

Theme: Feminine Visions: Embracing Strength and Adventure 

Exhibit Dates:  2/23 – 4/2

Into Marvelous Light 2022 by Arianna Francis -Painted when her mother passed away from cancer, an icon of strength.

About: The Josephy Center for Arts and Culture invites women to submit work to this years’ theme, Feminine Visions: Embracing Strength and Adventure. All forms of art are welcome for submission including but not limited to drawing, writing, poetry, multimedia, film, painting, collage, sculpture, welding, carving, fiber, printwork, leather work, etc. All works must be for sale. Commission for artists is 60% sales price. Monetary prizes will be awarded. 

More About This Exhibit HERE

How: $10 per image, 3 images max. Submit below on the online submission form. Your submission should contain your name; title of artwork; medium; date completed; and price; 1 digital image per artwork submitted (At least 1800 pixels or greater on the largest side. Max file size 5mb. jpeg/jpg only). Submissions must be original works and may not include copyrighted and/or stock images.

1/15 – Art Submissions due by midnight

1/18 – Artist notification by email

2/20 – Art drop off 12-2pm

2/23 – Opening Reception 7pm

Curated and Judged by Kasiah Sword

1st Place: $200

2nd Place: $150

3rd: $100

Honorable Mention: $50

Judge’s Choice: $100

Best Young Artist: $50


Contact: Arianna Olsen / exhibits@josephy.org / 541-432-0505 x 2

Artist Application: Apply below!


More About This Call:  Artworks that represent the theme “Feminine Visions: Embracing Strength and Adventure” should capture the essence of resilience, empowerment, and the bold spirit of women.


Here are some suggestions for art that would be representative of this theme, please let your imagination run free as these are just ideas to brainstorm!

  1. **Portraits of Resilient Women:** Showcase portraits of women who have faced adversity and emerged stronger. These could be historical figures, contemporary heroines, or fictional characters who embody strength and adventure.
  2. **Mixed-Media Collages:** Create collages that combine various elements to symbolize the diverse challenges and triumphs women experience. Use different textures and materials to reflect the complexity of their journeys.
  3. **Sculptures of Empowerment:** Craft sculptures that depict women in poses that exude strength and adventure. These sculptures can be made from a variety of materials and can represent women from different walks of life.
  4. **Narrative Paintings:** Paintings that tell a story of a woman’s journey from adversity to empowerment can be a powerful addition. These narrative artworks can be both figurative and abstract.
  5. **Photographic Series:** Curate a series of photographs that capture different moments in the lives of women who have overcome adversity and thrived. The photographs could include women from various cultures and backgrounds.
  6. **Symbolic Artifacts:** Incorporate symbolic artifacts into the exhibit, such as items of clothing, tools, or objects that represent the strength and adventure of women. These artifacts can be integrated into installations or standalone pieces.
  7. **Empowering Quilts:** Quilts can tell stories through their patterns and motifs. Feature quilts that symbolize the resilience of women and the challenges they have overcome.
  8. **Abstract Art with a Message:** Abstract art can convey emotions and experiences. Create abstract pieces that use color, form, and texture to evoke the journey of women embracing strength and adventure.
  9. **Interactive Art:** Install interactive pieces that invite viewers to participate in the narrative. This could be through touch, movement, or other forms of engagement, allowing visitors to connect with the theme on a personal level.
  10. **Video Installations:** Include video installations that share the stories of women who have embraced strength and adventure. These can be documentaries, interviews, or artistic video presentations.
  11. **Poetry / Prose:** Include written works of various styles both fiction and non-fiction, stories, tales, fables, documentaries, interviews.


Artworks in this exhibit should not only celebrate the resilience of women but also inspire visitors to reflect on the extraordinary stories of strength and adventure that women have woven throughout history and continue to weave today.


Artist Application


January 15
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