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Dear Friends ,

We’re delighted with our upcoming exhibits, events, classes and our first sculpture commission. Oh, but there’s so much more. Let’s start with a big thank you for your enthusiastic support that has made our youth art program strong and growing stronger. Friday art classes have flourished with amazing kids creating great stuff. One of our most committed is Daniel Zeise. Daniel’s been coming for over five years—basically he’s been here from the beginning. His interests are science and oceanography and those subjects come out in his art…sea creatures and all. Daniel doesn’t just take one class, but all three classes he can fit in on a Friday. Making these classes affordable creates the opportunity for students to take more than one class on a Friday. Also, your supporting donations make our classes and scholarships possible for over 30% of our students. When we started, in 2013, we had about 25 young art students; that number is now 75, and they are from all over the county. Thanks for making lots of kids happy (and parents too)!

With expanded programs, several students now stay for more than one class. They start art with Dawn Norman, then ceramics and drawing with Pam Beach, and on they go. We are expanding to six youth art classes this fall. We get some help from grants, but primarily the support needs to come from you—to cover scholarships, keep class fees affordable, pay instructor costs, buy supplies, and cover upkeep on the kiln, printing press and more. Fridays are happy days here, with a lot of laughter and creativity—and some serious art being made by these wonder kids. Your help is appreciated and important.

Our adult classes, workshops and new printing press guild are also going extremely well, thanks to your support. We teach ceramics, painting and drawing and will be adding new classes to take advantage of the new printing press. During Fall and Winter, we are planning special workshops: Beginning Painting (Wine & Painting), Abstract Painting, Jewelry-making, Ceramics-as-gifts, Monotype and Solar Plate Printmaking.

Our popular exhibits also rely on local support—every year we try to bring art and culture that interests you. Recent incredible shows: “Cirque de Arment,” “Salmon, Dams and Controversy,” “Puppy Love,” the “Women’s Art Exhibit.” You gave us support, and some great ideas; we hope we met your expectations.

We have a new roster of shows coming for 2019. We need you more than ever…I think I said that already, but I’m just emphasizing how much your support matters. This fall we put on an exhibit to celebrate the revitalized Wallowa County Barn Tour with a show: “Scenes from the Barn Tour.” In January and February, we hosted a “Historical Photo Show.” 

One new item on our Josephy Center menu is exhibit catalogs. “Cirque d’Arment” and “Wild Landscape Zumwalt” and “Dream Oregon” both got classy catalogues this year. They’re more books than catalogues, really, and are great in extending the reach of the shows. They also make fantastic gifts and keepsakes. We’re working with the Museum and the Wallowa History Center for the January old photo show, and plans are for a book to carry that show for years to come. You can view all our books here!

 The Josephy Library continues to grow, and can of course use your help. More people are coming in to find family stories in the Horner Papers, to check old school rosters, and to learn the Nez Perce story. Rich put together this summer’s ‘Dams and Fish’exhibit with the folks at Tamastslikt, and is working on a June-July Indian show for next year. Also, notable is our expanded lending library that includes new books and audio/visual materials.

Our most outstanding Indian project this year was finding and hiring Nez Perce artist Doug Hyde to do a bronze and stone sculpture that will stand in our front yard. It will be life-size and is named “The Return.” The sculpture will symbolize both the removal and the return of the Nez Perce to the valley. We will keep you posted on the installation—our plans include drummers and elders from throughout the Nez Perce community, and a big salmon feed. Many thanks to the Oregon Community Foundation’s generous “Creative Heights” grant that is funding this project.

Throughout the year, the Josephy Center will welcome hundreds—no thousands—of visitors, returnees, and people who live here to come and see art, make art, learn history, and to be inspired to see and understand more about our wonderful corner of the state.

We’d love to see you more often and thank you in person! Your presence and your support make our work a pleasure.  You help us in so many ways!


Jeff Costello                          Cheryl North Coughlan
Board Chair                              Executive Director

The Josephy Center is now a vital part of our community. New support from you is needed to keep the Center thriving as we build on our foundation. Your donation strengthens not only the Center, but the community as a whole by enriching all our lives.

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How can you donate? You can write a check, use a credit card (below), auto bank transfer, or provide cash. Mail donations to JCAC, PO Box 949, Joseph, OR  97846

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