Wallowa County Cultural Trust Coalition

The Wallowa County Cultural Trust Coalition was developed for the purpose of awarding State of Oregon grant money to organizations and individuals within Wallowa County whose endeavors promote culture within the county. The Oregon Cultural Trust was created under the direction of the Oregon State Legislature with the purpose of awarding grant funds to Oregon counties and Confederated Tribes to support endeavors that promote arts, humanities and local heritage. For more information about the Oregon Cultural Trust, or to donate, visit CulturalTrust.org.

Applications Due Nov. 10, 2021

About: The Wallowa County Cultural Trust Coalition supports local cultural development, as each county and tribe shapes its specific cultural priorities. WCCTC typically receives approximately $6,500 to disperse to local cultural organizations each year. The Coalition makes state cultural funding available to many rural counties that, otherwise, would not have it.

Information: Eligible grant applicants must be Wallowa County residents and have a public component of their project that increases access to local culture. Successful grant applicants make access to culture more available; recover and preserve historic assets and achievements; support development of artists and cultural experiences; and/or strengthen the capacity of cultural organizations in Wallowa County. Application and Report can be submitted by email at [email protected], by mail at PO Box 426, Joseph, OR 97846, or digitally below.

WCCTC grants are typically awarded in amounts from $250-$1,000.

Digital Application


    Board of Directors

    Natalie Millar, Chair

    Dave Riley

    Ann Browder

    Pam Frolander

    Dionne Vali

    Bart Budwig

    Yun McFall

    Asch Humphrey

    Janet Pulsifer

    Stirling Webb

    Wallowa County Cultural Trust Coalition
    PO Box 426
    Joseph, OR 97846

    [email protected]

    The Josephy Center for Arts & Culture and Wallowa Valley Arts Council are proud to serve as the Wallowa County Cultural Trust Coalition’s fiscal agent and provide them with our full list of Partnership Benefits.