Capital Campaign


What is the "Key to Our Future" capital campaign?

It's a campaign to purchase, renovate and expand the building on 403 Main Street in Joseph (the building that we currently operate in) so that Wallowa County will have a permanent and sustainable home for arts and culture.

What is Phase I?

Phase I (2020-2021) focused on the building purchase and raising enough funds for critical safety repairs and accessibility for all. 

What’s the goal for Phase I?

Due to the community's unwavering support, Phase I was successfully completed in 2021.  The overall goal was to raise $575,000, and thanks to grants and private donations we only had to raise an additional $100,000.  The "Key to Our Future" online fundraiser was held in April of 2021 with the hopes of reaching this goal.  With most of the donation coming from Wallowa County residents, and with a $50,000 match incentive offered by M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, the total ended up exceeding $135,000, allowing the Josephy Center to realize its long-awaited goal of being able to purchase and renovate the building.   

What is Phase II?

Phase II (2022-2023) focuses on the renovation and expansion of the building with the estimated project cost totaling close to 2 million dollars.  A new facility will have an expanded ceramics studio, an art garden, a companion gallery, a multipurpose space for performing arts and movement classes and a dedicated space for Nez Perce education and artifacts.

The Josephy Center for Arts and Culture was recently one of 11 capital construction projects in Oregon to be endorsed by The Cultural Advocacy Coalition for 2021 - 2023 Cultural Resources Economic Funds (CREF).  The Oregon legislature approved $50 million in these funds to support cultural and community venues and nonprofits, plus $9.1 million in capital construction projects that further Oregon’s cultural growth.  In June 2021, the Josephy Center secured $600,000 to help fund the renovation and expansion of the building.

We will keep you updated as we gear up for phase II in 2022.  In the meantime, please stay tuned for more exciting developments!

Why buy the building?

We were able to purchase the building at less than half of the appraised value!  The owner of the building has also gifted the Josephy Center with a $100,000 endowment to ensure that we can maintain the building for years to come. If it is sold to someone else, the Josephy Center could cease to exist as the gathering place it is now. 

What repairs need to happen?

We want the Josephy Center to be a safe and accessible place for children, families and visitors to gather and learn.  We will use funds from Phase I for critical repairs to the building including: emergency exit doors, repaired plumbing, wheelchair ramps, ADA accessible bathrooms, a fire escape, repaired logs, etc.

What does this campaign mean for the future of Wallowa County?

Ownership means that we can expand and improve the Center to as your needs grow and change.  With phase I complete, we can start planning for phase II now.  What would you like to see happen at the Josephy Center?  A multi-purpose room for performing arts like dance and theater?  A expanded ceramics studio? More space dedicated to regional and Nez Perce education?  Let us know! Contact <> and send us your ideas. 

How can I help?

Your help is crucial to the success of this campaign. We need your ideas, your enthusiasm, your participation and your donations.  To donate click the Donate button on this page, or mail a check to: PO Box 949, Joseph, OR 97846

Where can I find a list of related Media & Events?

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March 16th at 5 pm: Zumwalt Buck Tag Raffle Drawing - Congratulations to Nick Cameron for winning the raffle!

April 15th at 6 pm: Capital Campaign Virtual Fundraiser - Help us achieve our goal of $50,000 community match with this fun, interactive virtual event!

Phase II

Donate now to Phase II of our “Key to Future” capital campaign; Phase II (2022-2023) will focus on the renovation and expansion of the building.