Lauren Macdonald

CLASS: Friday 9 AM

Class Title: Morning Light – A Silent Space for our Somatic Selves

Tickets: $10 Individual | $30 Yoga Fest Pass
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a silent space for our somatic selves during morning hours. this is an hour-long community gathering. it is intended to be a place of connectedness to ourselves, our days, and one another. all are welcome in this space. and welcome to do and be as you need to to start your day with a peaceful presence.

ideas for sharing in this space and time are (and not limited to): practicing yoga, sitting in silence, meditating, reading poems or prayers, practicing chi gong, breath work, dancing, sleeping, writing.

here, silence does not necessarily mean the absence of sound, it is more intended to be a word that invokes reverence for the moment and for one another.

we recognize that bodies innately make sound and some types of movement, meditation, breath work, prayer do too. please move and be as you need to. this is a together time and words and conversations with one another are not priority here. please reserve those for outside this container.

Lauren will be holding this space and offering support as needed.

We will end the silence with the ringing of a bell at 10am. we will then move into a circle seating arrangement and close with humming and toning

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