Three Creative Journeys

A Gathering Place for the Arts in Wallowa County

The Josephy Center for Arts and Culture is honored to present an upcoming virtual exhibit and catalog – “Three Creative Journeys: Mike Koloski, Leslie LeViner and Mary Edwards”.


The exhibit will begin on June 18 and end July 28 via a virtual online exhibit and a small catalog ($18).


Virtual Gallery Rooms


Click here for the virtual slideshow, featuring all 50 images from the 3 artists. Art is for sale online!


Mary Edwards

Mike Koloski

Leslie Leviner


Artist Preface


Last January when I received the invitation to participate in an art show with renowned local painters Mike Koloski and Leslie LeViner, I knew it would be a rare and special opportunity.  Covid 19 wasn’t a part of our daily lexicon then, and the prospects for a creative collaboration with these two artists was just the spark of light I needed in the dark of winter. However once the pandemic turned life upsidedown for our entire planet I began to seriously question the point of having an art show when so many were suffering and dying. It seemed a fruitless endeavor, fraught with ethical and spiritual considerations. How could we go forward safely? What might that look like? After our first conference call and upon hearing the many creative ideas for the show from Leslie and Mike, the motivation to move forward became clear, even though the details of how to manifest it were still a bit sketchy. Even in our darkest moments, to engage in the creative process is a salve to the soul and it lays the foundation from which hope may find root. So take a virtual tour, bathe yourself in LeViner light and listen for the song of the river in the quiet calm of a Koloski painting. Can you hear it? I can.

-Mary Edwards