Jakob Haßlacher – Through My Filter

The Josephy Center is honored to present a very special exhibit: “Through my Filter… Jakob Haßlacher’s paintings, the LH Project’s Permanent Collection and the work of LH’s new Studio Technician, James Tingey”. The Exhibit Opening will be Friday, September 23 at 7 p.m. with wine, beer, and appetizers. But the bigger and more celebratory event will be at the Closing Reception on Friday, November 18 at 7 p.m. with a no-host bar, catered appetizers, music, and art. All events are free and open to the public.  Jakob’s and James’ works will be for sale.


What is the LH Project? Many locals may ask that question when they see the brand on trucks that drive through town. The founder of LH Project and Executive Director is Jakob Haßlacher, a native of Colorado that’s been entrenched in the Northwest for decades. He found the perfect property nestled into the east moraines just outside of Joseph. It’s the perfect place for a quiet, artistic retreat. After years of attending residencies around the world, Jakob was able to model the LH residency program from the best. Since opening it’s doors, the LH Project has established itself as one of the top ceramics residency programs in the world. Each artist is personally invited to the residency. Jakob says “as an artist-in-residence, each artist bequeaths a ceramic or pottery piece to the LH Project’s Permanent Collection as part of their residency.” Over time, Jakob has collected over 100+ pieces of artwork which for the first time is being exhibited publicly as a collection in Wallowa County.


Jakob will present over twenty-five paintings made from oil sticks. “These paintings represent my first large(r) scale attempts at using oil-based color sticks to capture the moods, lighting, temperament and qualities of the landscapes I cherish the most. Well, not all of them, but…


My dearest Wife once said that I have a unique “filter” that she has always observed, albeit subtle and tempered. I have always loved working in two dimensions. Even four sometimes. During the past Winters I decided to give three dimensional pottery a break and explore the “dark side” [as Ceramicists call it] of using color on canvas to express my relations with the World outside my window – here in Wallowa County and on travels with said Wife to the luscious Islands of Hawai’i and Maui.


I reckon my filter gets employed as I begin to lay down consecutive layers of stick. The original image usually changes; I can’t keep up with fluctuations in natural lighting and day-to-day oscillations of the environment where my easel finds respite. Photographs help, but they merely serve to “slap me upside the head”, to trigger my subconscious filter, chambered deep in my soul.”


As part of the LH Permanent Collection, over twenty works will be on display by artists: Hun Chung Lee, Crystal Morey, Stephen Braun, Lars Calmar, Ryan Matthew Mitchell, Kelly Garret Rathbone Rebo, Josh DeWeese and James Tingey.


Artists included in the exhibit include Korean artist Lee Hun Chung, who spoke at a ‘Live and Up Front’ back in 2014 and will be present at the Closing Reception on November 18. Lee’s work has been exhibited renowned galleries and museums around the world. His work exemplifies traditional Korean art with innate ability of making them unique, modern and personal.


James Tingey is a LH’s new Studio Technician and will have a selection works in the exhibit that will be for sale. James is a native of Corvallis, Oregon. He’s a ceramic artist whose work explores ideas of utility, process, material and landscape. James received his Master’s of Fine Art with a concentration in Ceramics from Ohio University in 2012, and a BS from Oregon State University in 2002, He has exhibited his work widely in over 60 nationally juried and invitational shows, and received awards from Strictly Functional Pottery National, Clemson Ceramics National Exhibition, and Studio Potter Magazine. Prior to joining the LH project, he served as Studio Technician and Instructor of Ceramics and Sculpture at Brookhaven College in Dallas, Texas.



Executive Director, Cheryl Coughlan states, “we are very thrilled to have Jakob’s work alongside the LH Project’s Permanent Collection – I think this show clearly demonstrates Jakob’s love for art and the artists that create it. His hard-work and passion at establishing and managing the LH Project confirms his status as an influential art collector as seen through the professional quality of work in the permanent collection as well as ability to create artwork with ease. As a community we are so lucky to have the LH Project here and hope to continue partnering with them on future endeavors.”


Complimentary programs include a Brown Bag on Tuesday, October 4 at noon with Jakob and James entitled “Ceramics 101”,  a “Live and Up Front with Jakob and James” our artist lecture series on Tuesday, November 15 at  7 p.m. and James Tingey will be teaching a potter’s wheel class for beginners in October (dates to be announce, please contact Josephy Center if interested). Lastly, the Closing Reception with Jakob, James and more artists will be held Friday, November 18 at 7 p.m.


Crystal Morey- LH Permanent Collection
Crystal Morey- LH Permanent Collection


Jakob Hasslacher -oil stick medium
Jakob Hasslacher -oil stick medium4147