Modes: Making Art, Jazz and History

A new exhibit, Modes: Making Art, Jazz and History, opens with a reception at the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture April 7th from 7:00-9:00.  Lostine print artist Nancy Clarke will conduct at walk-through of the exhibit for docents and interested people at 6:30, before the reception.  The exhibit explores connections between fine art prints, jazz and Oregon’s cultural history. The Center has selected works that complement the premiere performance of “From Maxville to Vanport” which takes place the following Friday at the OK Theater in Enterprise. 

“Jazz musicians improvise independently but within a particular mode and structure to create a unified and unique performance. Print artists also experiment with a variety of modes to express their ideas visually,” said curator Jane Pagliarulo.

The Center is launching a print arts program. To inspire established and emerging artists Pagliarulo has chosen broad selection of prints that demonstrate the many different ways that ink can be applied to paper. Educational material about how prints are made will be displayed. Lostine print artist Nancy Clarke will conduct a walk-through of the exhibit for docents and interested people at 6:30 before the reception.

“This show includes works by some of Oregon’s top artists,” said Cheryl Coughlan, Executive Director. “We have two winners of the Governor’s Arts Award represented:  Avie Smith and George Johanson. Also winners of Oregon’s highest award for print artists, the Ray Trayle Prize, will be shown.”

The exhibit will run through May 28th. The exhibit is sponsored in part by the Oregon Cultural Trust and the Collins Foundation.

Print by George Johanson